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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Hunting for Padparadscha

Ever wonder what gemstone dealers chat about in private? We caught up with Niveet Nagpal, president of OMI Privé recently who scours the globe in search of the best in precious gemstones. We focused on a luscious pinkish-orange sapphire from exotic locales like Sri Lanka and Madagascar and whose name, Padparadscha means lotus blossom in Sinhalese. Listen in.

The Story Behind the Stone: Hi-Yo Silver!

Women are doing more than adorning themselves with jewelry these days; they make choices that hint to their jewelry-savvy. Lately, their alluring baubles can tell much about the women flaunting them. For instance, prominent ear pendants are worn by fashionistas of all ages now. Casual or couture, these once thought daring ear bobs are the perfect choice to complete a day to evening look.

The Story Behind the Stone: Just like you found it

Not every gem mineral was found thousands of years ago like shimmering opal or vibrant ruby. Dioptase was first found serendipitously in the 18th century by copper miners who thought they had struck the lotto with a new emerald site in far away Kazakhstan. Keep in mind that gem mineral separation did not become an iron-clad science until the early part of the 20th century.

The Story Behind the Stone: Making this perfectly clear - opaque is a good thing

Rubies are sought after for their beauty, but also for their rarity and the difficulty in recovering them from their deposits. Natural ruby is found from opaque to almost completely transparent. It’s a rare thrill to see any ruby that fits into the almost transparent category, because quite simply the nature of this mineral doesn’t often allow that.

The Story Behind the Stone: Coming up green

Color trends forecaster Pantone Color Institute proclaimed 2013 to be the year of a verdant lush green called Emerald Radiant. Look for the vibrant hue to influence purchasing and lifestyle decisions for fashion and home. “It’s the most abundant hue in nature,” Pantone executive director Leatrice Eiseman said. “The human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum.”

The Story Behind the Stone: How they’re buying now

Retailers and e-tailers must navigate through often confusing and evolving shoppers’ trending patterns nowadays to strategize how to make a sale. Once you think you’ve got it down, and know how to reach your demographic, things change. Then you start again.

Never mind that you have to adjust your pricing in almost real time to salvage the ever shrinking margins for your inventory. Diamond prices and precious metals price fluctuations are indeed worrisome, but in the end, we still need customers to say yes to our product.