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Diana Jarrett

Blue Amber Alert

Jarrett looseDevoted jewelry lovers are always on the lookout for the unexpected gemstone that shows them as a knowledgeable collector. But it has to resonate with the individual and also be a good fit for their personal style. As any jeweler knows, rarity is not enough when it comes to offering a new gem variety to a consumer. If it’s not attractive it’s missed the point.

The Story Behind the Stone: Connected on your own terms

Jarrett May AriesThe exploding market for wearables, or smart jewelry and accessories is set to eclipse recent projections due to an ever widening consumer base that is embracing the connected niche. Wearable technology as it’s also referred to, allows user to stay in touch with what matters most to them - but completely on their own terms. Today, the accessories include connected clutch bags, men’s accessories and of course jewelry. This particular sector is melding fashion with function for some outstanding results.

Something Blue

Jarrett sky blueWhat’s the right mix of modern and traditional when it comes to bridal jewels? In the olden days, and that would be the mid-20th century of course, engagement rings were diamonds. The ¼ carat solitaire diamond was de rigueur during that time. But as the years went on, the central diamond size edged up with each decade. Today, the sky’s the limit with carat size. The current diamond motto is ‘the bigger the better’. In earlier days, the engagement ring signified the groom’s ability to pay for such a luxury, signaling his capacity to provide for the bride.

The Story Behind the Stone: Light my fire

Diana Jarrett takes a look at scintillating sphalerite

Jarrett stoneI have a soft spot for wonky gemstones that may be overlooked as being too exotic or might just take a lot of work to drum up interest. But that’s part of their appeal, at least for me. Many attractive stones remain off the radar for both consumers and certainly in the jeweler’s case . . . but should they?

Something Blue in Big Sky Country

Jarrett polishedThere’s another kind of blue besides those azure skies in Montana that take your breath away. Montana’s got rocks; blue ones. While we stagger over some astounding prices realized for sapphire at auction today, there’s another source for sapphire that’s been gaining devotees. Montana sapphire has been recovered from various deposits in the wide expanse of this western state since the late 19th century.  Rock Creek near Idaho’s border is the best known sapphire producer since way back.

The Story Behind the Stone: What’s in a name?

Jarrett necklaceToday gemstones can sport some pretty imaginative monikers. Consider Tanzanite. It’s not really that mineral species official name per se. It’s a pretty title that the great jeweler Tiffany bestowed on a previously unknown variety of the mineral zoisite - a much jazzier word wouldn’t you agree? Gemstone names can also be derived from their place of discovery - think Paraiba tourmaline for instance. This rare jewel turned up in the Brazilian state of... you guessed it, Paraiba. But gemstones have also been named for special individuals - maybe the stone’s discoverer or someone deemed worthy of immortalization in this way.