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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Spinel has its day

JarrettFor centuries, dealers relied on a simple visual test to determine what to call a colored stone. There are a couple of basic reasons for that; the foremost being that there were no reliable scientific methods of separating look-alike gems until the late 19th to early 20th century. To complicate matters, some similar color gems were found side by side in the same deposits or near each other in certain geological regions.

The Story Behind the Stone: The Markle Effect

JarrettCall it Markle Madness - the custom-made engagement ring Prince Harry designed for fiancée Meghan Markle contained two side diamonds from his mother Diana the Princess of Wales’ collection. Cleave and Company, Court Jewellers to Her Majesty the Queen helped Harry pull it all off. The center stone - looks like a 4-carat sparkler perhaps - is from Botswana, a sentimental reference to their favorite holiday locale in southern Africa.

The Story Behind the Stone: Glorious Green

JarrettDiamond fans are only beginning to appreciate that their favorite sparkler is produced in colors - naturally. While they are all mesmerizing - the diamond stories of how they acquired their color adds another layer of fascination to the mix.

Diamond Dogs

Jarrett dog main shot

Ever heard of the Boerboel dog? Me either. How about the slobbery, lumbering Mastiff? Now we’re getting close. The Boerboel, meaning farmer’s dog in Afrikaans, was a type of Mastiff bred specifically within South Africa to help farmers guard livestock and assist with other work. It’s also called the South African Mastiff. This distinctive noble creature has been a fixture in that part of the world for centuries. Male Boerboels typically weigh between 140-200 lbs., with females weighing between 110-140 lbs. 

The Story Behind the Stone: Namibia’s Ghost Town

Jarrett town

The year is 1908. The place - the arid and very ancient deserts of Namib, where less than 10mm (.39 in) of annual rainfall reaches this barren landscape. The nearest port town of Lüderitz, Namibia lies 10 kilometers to the west. Winds off the Atlantic Ocean press down hot air forming distinct clouds and dense early morning fog resulting in a phenomenon of life-giving moisture to flora and fauna native to the forsaken terrain.

The Story Behind the Stone: Blue Wonderful

Jarrett waveDiana Jarrett takes a look at Larimar 

The whole wonder of gemstones lies in their beauty, rarity and hopefully a good story. More often than not, rarity and beauty equals a hefty price tag. When it doesn’t, jewelers have a wonderful opportunity.