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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Carving out history

Jarrett Cocle pedestalCoclé (c. 600-800 AD) ceramic dish displays classic stylized shapes in symmetrical patterns. Photo: Walters Art MuseumCameos are an ancient art form with even the earliest examples exhibiting tremendous grace and technique. The Great Cameo of France, (Grand Camée de France) for instance, a 31cm tall sardonyx, circa 23 A.D., is the largest surviving cameo from antiquity.

The Story Behind the Stone Jewels Under Foot

Jarrett beachThe riches of the universe lie beneath our feet. Photo, Pexels.Contributor Diana Jarrett lends one of her articles that previously appeared in Delmarva Quarterly. In it, she examines the contents of the miles of sandy shoreline that stretches along the Chesapeake Bay. Not exactly a gemstone article - but also, not unlike one either. It is presented here in the hopes that you too will take a closer look at the common everyday things around you and discover jewels in your own life.

The Story Behind the Stone: Unusual Cravings

Nothing drives demand more than something that’s unavailable.

It’s certainly a true statement in the jewelry and gemstone sector. Colored stone supplies are often at the mercy of local politics, or sometimes driven simply by an inability to reach the source. Earthquakes, landslips and other natural occurrences can unsettle a region for decades.

The Story Behind the Stone: Amber waves

Jarrett blueGenuine blue amber rough from Dominican Republic. Photo WikipediaWe create jewelry out of so many natural elements. Besides diamonds and colored stones, we also like pearls. We like shell. We like it all, including amber.

The Story Behind the Stone: Lines Crossed

Jarrett rubyThe Legendary DeLong Star Ruby. Credit Wikipedia.It was a sultry Indian-summer evening in Manhattan. The year, 1964. People on most of the city’s churning streets were focused on getting to or from somewhere. But on the upper west side, near Central Park West and West 79th St., the pace was slower, the vibe more subdued. Mostly residential, this part of town lacked the bustling bars and clubs responsible for the city’s cacophony and non-stop foot traffic. An out-of-place white Cadillac with Florida plates circled the block around the American Museum of Natural History, now closed. This was the get-away car for a brazen caper inside the museum which a gang of Miami beach-bums were successfully pulling off.

The Story Behind the Stone: Tales from the dop

Jarrett tourmaline 8 13Tourmaline crystal on the dop; Credit Diana Jarrett.Unless we’ve been hanging around a polishing wheel for some time, many of us in the trade aren’t all that familiar with a dop. This critical tool is an essential part of polishing diamonds and gemstones. Dopping is the skill of attaching a rough crystal to a dop stick so it can be positioned over the cutting wheel.