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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Chalcedony’s Time

It’s day has come. Chalcedony, a general name for a group of quartz minerals is finding its place amongst some stellar stones these days. It has always been a beautiful gem, but is now coming into its own as an intriguing semi-opaque gemstone material. When it’s blue, the attention ratchets up further.

The Story Behind the Stone: Dream a little dream

For consumers, the idea of naturally colored diamonds is still not universally understood. Even the trade’s nomenclature, referring to diamonds as being ‘produced’ in such and such colors or carats unintentionally makes it seem like someone is manufacturing the stuff in a covert lab somewhere.

The Story Behind the Stone: Green Goddess

On St. Patrick’s Day, we’re all Irish. And what better way to celebrate it than with wearin’ o-the green? Bright, lively emeralds would be my suggestion to set a festive mood - not just on St. Patrick’s Day, but throughout the year.

The Story Behind the Stone: Have a heart

Jarrett ring eFancy deep pink heart shaped diamond halo ring. Courtesy Leibish & Co.Early each February, jewelry stores experience a spike in sales which exponentially speeds up as February 14th, or Valentine’s Day arrives. Jewelry and in particular, diamonds have been relied upon for centuries to convey a sense of love and devotion from the giver.

The Story Behind the Stone: Surprising Tanzanite

There’s not a professional in the jewelry trade who doesn’t know about Tanzanite. The same can be said of most jewelry lovers by now. Say the name Tanzanite, and consumers can fill in the blanks by claiming it’s a one-source gemstone and it was discovered in the mid-20th century. And it’s about to run out in our lifetime. That all may be true - depending on the individual’s lifetime of course. Marketing aside, it’s pretty spectacular to discover an intensely saturated blue/violet transparent gemstone that is only found in one small region in the world. In my books, that makes it an exceptional find.

The Story Behind the Stone: The stones cry out

Ancient Scriptures dating from the late 7th century BC record this mesmerizing verse; creating a startling image in the reader’s mind. Actual stones calling out from their walls? Yet gemologists, geologists, and jewelry lovers can all relate to this unusual concept. Perhaps the reason so many people have entered the field of gemstones in some way or another is because one day a particular stone called out to them.

The Story Behind the Stone: When bracelets were King

Jarrett TutChildhood scarab bracelet of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun.The practice of adorning oneself with beautiful metals and stones is hardly a new concept. From ancient civilizations like that of Egypt to modern times, we have been endlessly fascinated decorating ourselves. And it’s not just the women who are compelled to decorate themselves with extravagant jewels. Persian, Babylonian and Egyptian men, especially nobility, were heavily bedecked with precious ornaments.