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David Brown

Is the day getting away from you?

Edge Retail Academy’s 13 Time Management Tips

No one ever has enough time. Whether rich or poor, famous or infamous, we all have the same amount of time in a day to use as we wish. Those who are successful have mastered the art of managing their time effectively. They have learned to use their time to its maximum value, from both a personal and professional point of view.

Mark up and your dated product strategy

To the uninitiated there would seem to be little correlation between the age of your product and the margin you achieve. Yet as business owners we all know that the older our selection becomes the more pressure on our margin to get rid of it.

The power of having certainty

All great leaders have an illusive quality that defines their success - something that lifts those around them and takes their cause to the upper reaches of achievement. From George Washington to Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill to Steve Jobs - we often mistake this quality for charisma or confidence.

How to turn web visitors into sales

So you know how much traffic is visiting your website - and you know how many enquiries you are getting from it. But what happens to the traffic that doesn’t make an enquiry?

What do I mean? What about the people that visit your website and aren’t ready to buy? Let’s face it, not everyone is going to make their buying decision straight away - but if you’ve done nothing to stay in front of those people once they hit the exit button they are back at square one as far as you’re concerned.

What you can learn from your competition

Everyone worries about their competition - some people even obsess about them! Being overly aware of your competition can become a problem if it turns into a fixation. The best businesses do their own thing and don’t allow what they can’t control to bother them.

How to use the 80/20 Rule: 3 reports that are your lifeblood

David Brown eI’ve long been a big fan of the 80/20 or Pareto Principle - the theory developed by 19th century economist Vilfredo Pareto that demonstrated 20% of the inputs provide 80% of the outputs or results. Initially he used it to apply to land ownership where he found 80% of Italian land was owned by 20% of landowners.