Last updateWed, 01 Apr 2020 1pm

David Brown

The ideal inventory (or how much is enough?)

So how much inventory is enough? What is the ultimate mix of product you should carry in order to maximize the sales your business can make? Getting this right is a balancing act for most stores and can absorb a huge amount of your business investment and time.

The 6 keys to an effective website

There are many jewelers who feel the internet is the single biggest threat to retail growth these days. Although I believe the social media pre-occupation with experiences over material items is also creating an impact, there’s no doubt the internet is strong competition that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. The trend of many online retailers to open brick and mortar stores shows that a two-pronged attack can be very effective, so its important that physical retail outlets also beef up their online presence in order to have the maximum effect over the widest possible retail footprint.

How to make your day more productive

It happens to us all. We start the day with the best of intentions. Armed with our to-do list, we promise ourselves that this time we will get the things completed that we want done and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the wants and needs of others. Often the day ends completely different. We finish frustrated, our to-do list hasn’t shrunk and may even have increased in size. Back to the drawing board we head feeling increasingly overwhelmed at the inability to keep things under control.

Do you offer an Extended Money Back Guarantee?

I’m sure that headline alone will prompt a reaction from many a reader! We know how fickle consumers can be - surely offering an extended opportunity to return an item, beyond that required by consumer law, is only inviting problems for your business?

December is just around the corner

Edge Retail Academy’s holiday season preparation to-do list

The busiest time of year is upon us, and with the excitement of the festive season and the hope of some bigger sales to hit the bank account comes the feeling of overwhelm that this time of year can bring. Resources are always stretched; staffing is at full capacity and the investment in inventory is at an all time high. December is a time to focus on making the most money during the year, but the time to think about it is now.