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Chuck Koehler

The Retailer’s Perspective: We need to talk!

As a card carrying member of the jewelry industry, I speak from experience when I say “we need to talk” to my customers. In all reality though, I’m just trying to save them from a very costly lawsuit against me. Because, if we don’t have ‘the talk’ first, they may be foolishly thinking that the thingy they are trying to hand me is actually worth something. Because, when it all goes to hell on my bench, they may actually try to sue me for negligence which is hardly ever true. In most cases, the problem they are bringing to me today started in a faraway land several years ago.

The Retailer’s Perspective: It’s the Hollywood Way

*Opening scene* Neal Lane walks through the sparkling clean jewelry factory, exuding power and authority.  Neal will be wearing a dark blue Armani suit with a red power tie.

*Production Note* This set has been built on soundstage 7. No, we can’t shoot this scene at a real jewelry shop. Have you ever seen how dirty and disorganized those places are? Yuck. We need clean and shiny, just like the real world.

The Retailer’s Perspective: Welcome to 2017!

I saw him get out of his car, walk up the sidewalk, and head towards my front door. I knew right where this one was heading. I could see a watch in one hand, and a watch battery in the other. I could tell what it was because it was in that oversized blister pack you get if you buy a single watch battery at Walmart instead of at my store. And, to make matters even worse, I had just sat down to my lunch of caramelized onion and cream cheese chicken enchiladas. I hadn’t even taken my first bite yet!

The Retailer’s Perspective: And so we must carry on

*Tap, Tap

*Tap, Tap, Tap

*Tap, Tap, is this thing on?

“Is anyone out there?”

“This is Chuck Koehler, from Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. Can anybody hear me?”

“I repeat, this is Chuck Koehler, from Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. Can anybody hear me?”

The Retailer’s Perspective: And the President is...

By the time you are reading this, you are either apprehensive (you’re reading this before November 8th), or you are sad and depressed, or happy and exuberant (you are reading this after November 8th).

It seems like every 4 years we act like we’ve never done this before. Every 4 years we’re surprised at how hateful “the other side” has become. Every 4 years we get bombarded by political ads that we agree with and disagree with. But this year, well, this year was different.

The Retailer’s Perspective: Here’s your answers

A few months ago I wrote about a jeweler that had a bad problem (This Really Happened, June 2016). She had a customer that wanted to marry about 12 or 5,000 elements together from pictures on Pinterest into her totally RAD, one-of-a-kind, custom wedding band. Once finished, her customer had changed her mind and wanted her money back and was just going to order something cheaper online. She called me and asked for my opinion on how to handle the situation. Most importantly, she wanted to know if she should refund the substantial deposit that her customer put down (that she had already spent on having the ring made)? I told her I didn’t have a clue, but I would write about it and ask our colleagues across the country for some advice.  Here are a few of the answers in your own words.