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Chuck Koehler

The Retailer’s Perspective: Things I wish I’d learned earlier

It’s been a few years since I’ve written a column geared to the newest members of our industry. A few days ago, I met a young woman at another jewelry store who was just starting her second week in the jewelry business. I asked her what it was she wanted to learn the most. She said she was so new that she didn’t even know what she needed to learn. So I thought I’d write to the newest members of our industry today.

The Retailer’s Perspective: Brick and mortar ain’t for everyone

It started with a quick trip to the UPS store to mail a package. Most importantly, the package I was mailing was actually wanted and appreciated on the receiving end. I was shipping a ring I’d repaired to a store in the Midwest. That store in the Midwest was anxiously awaiting its arrival. That’s me, making dreams come true since 1984.

The Retailer’s Perspective: You can’t tell the difference

When I started in this industry in September of 1978, quartz watches had just hit the market. I worked in the jewelry warehouse of a catalog showroom called Best Products in Dallas, TX, and quartz watches were literally flying off the shelves. According to the industry vets at the time, this was the first real major change to hit the industry in decades. Now it seems there’s a new major change happening every month or two. Today, we’re going to talk about the most recent game changer; lab-grown diamonds.

The Retailer’s Perspective: Terms and Conditions, Part III

As the long-time owner of a couple of small businesses, I’m always surprised at the gall that some people possess. It makes me want to post a ‘Terms and Conditions of Entry’ sign on my front door and require everyone to read, understand, sign and adhere to it. It’s still a work in progress, but with the help of my readers across the country giving me new ideas, I’ve now completed the third segment of this document.  Part III goes something like this.

The Retailer’s Perspective: You ain’t got a guy

I remember it like it was yesterday. The sun finally came out after a long, cold, lonely winter. I was having lunch at the little table in front of my store soaking up the sunshine. I’d been waiting for hours for this lunch… at this table… with that sun on my face. What I wasn’t waiting for was them