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Brian Barfield

Modern Day Selling: The Modern Day Store: Article IV, The two became one again

Have you ever had a negative life experience that later proved to be a divine intervention? I had such an experience (that actually created a chapter in my book) and it was a moment that I will never forget. It was around 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon that I noticed a missed call from my son Austen that went to my voice mail. I quickly dialed and the following brief message was left in a voice of anguish. All that he said was, “Dad, I am hurt badly and I need to go to the hospital.” 

Modern Day Selling - The Modern Day Store: Article III

Beginning the process of reconnecting

In this third article of creating The Modern Day Store we are going to focus on the process of reconnecting owners and sales associates into a unified team. This is often the most difficult part of the process because there are many things that can hinder you from making such a connection. Today I am going to share with you three key factors that must be maintained during the process of your reconnection. They are a truce process, a process of give and take and a process of forgiveness. These are the main ingredients of creating a positive reconnection. If you take out any one of these ingredients, your process of reconnection will most likely fail.

Modern Day Selling - The Modern Day Store: Creating a unified store Article II: The Great Awakening

Last month we began a journey to lead you to new found freedom and success. In article number one, we discussed the great disconnection that has taken place between owners and sales associates. This month we move forward in discovering The Great Awakening.

As I mentioned last month, there is a stirring within that sends out a spark that ignites a new found passion and energy to search for the answers to our many issues today. For years we have ignored the issue of disconnection and, in fact, many never even knew that it existed until this great awakening.

Modern Day Selling: The Modern Day Store: Creating a unified store

Article 1: The great disconnection

Today, we start a new journey down a path that has yet to be explored. It was during my success with Modern Day Selling that I became more connected with the retail community. As my message began to spread, there became opportunities that presented themselves for me to travel and speak at trade shows and stores. It was during these visits that I began to see a pattern of need and attention. The fact was that many of our stores have become disconnected. Some were more severe than others, but I often found that stores were no longer functioning as a unified team.

Modern Day Selling: Signs of an elite professional

Sales Truth #7:  Signs of an elite professional

In closing out this seven part series on Modern Day Selling it is important that we focus on what separates a sales associate into the status of being elite. In order to become elite you must first understand what greatness looks like. Many of us have worked with sales associates who are amazing and very skilled in the art of selling. It is from those moments that we find many of the skills we possess that can make us great today.