Last updateWed, 19 Feb 2020 12am

Brian Barfield

Modern Day Selling: Effective Closing

Have you ever really thought deeply about the concept of closing a sale?  For many sales associates closing can be very complicated and complex. It often is the hardest part of the sales presentation. This has happened because of the way we have chosen to sell our customers in the past. What if I told you that there was a better way to close? What if I told you that closing could be the easiest part of your sales presentation? Today this will become your reality.

Modern Day Selling: Article 6: Selling with vision and insight

In our journey to discovering new avenues to success, I hope that you have found great satisfaction in connecting with your customers in a new way. At this point you have been given new skills on how to truly connect with your customer and see your sale in a whole new light. By putting your customers’ needs first, establishing a bond of trust and opening up the lines of communication, you are well on your way to new found greatness.

The Modern Day Sales Presentation: Managing your sales presentation

In last month’s article I shared some insight into examining your selling style and how to create a selling style that is more effective with the modern day customer. To complement that topic, I’d now like to discuss a very important process that can make you more efficient and effective in selling your customer: the importance of learning to manage your sales presentation.

The Modern Day Sales Presentation: Creating your selling style

Along our journey to discovering the modern day sales presentation, I have shared with you insights that have revolutionized my sales career. I hope the importance of seeing your sales presentation in a new light, re-establishing the bond of trust with your customer, and connecting with your customer, has resonated with you and has impacted your sales career in a meaningful way.

The Modern Day Sales Presentation: Establishing trust to open lines of communication

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you possessed a specific need, but felt very vulnerable when offering information? The first thing that comes to my mind is taking my car to the auto repair center. Clearly I am there to have something done to my car. However, to not look ignorant I act like I know what needs to be done and offer very little information. I do this because I have the sneaky suspicion that they are going to rip me off, or overcharge me for their services. The simple facts are that I know nothing about car repair and the person who can help me has not yet gained my trust.

The Modern Day Sales Presentation: Connecting with the Modern Day Customer

In the beginning your sale has unlimited potential. It has the potential to be quick, easy and effortless. It also carries the potential to be a long-winded, drawn-out marathon. The final outcome is going to be based solely on whether you truly connected with your customer or not. From the moment your customer walks through your doors your actions set the course of the current sales process as well as the future sales process - if they choose to shop with you again.