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Brian Barfield

The power of passion and energy

BarfieldToday I would like to share with you a little treasure that will lead you to a long and lasting sales career in retail. It is the importance of learning how to maintain your levels of passion and energy in your sales career. In the world of retail sales passion and energy is the fuel that drives you to greatness. A sales career without passion and energy is very much like a car running out of gas. The simple fact is that you will not be able to get very far without maintaining a high level of passion and energy.

Modern Day Selling: The new avenue to greater success

Many years ago there was a path to finding lasting success in retail that was set in motion by our predecessors. This path to lasting success was built by conducting business with the core principles of trust, honesty and integrity. It was this business practice that helped create a unique bond of trust between sales associates and their customers. In those days there were no sales tactics needed to manipulate or deceive customers into purchasing. Selling in retail was certainly more simple and trusting. It was kind of like Mayberry on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Modern Day Selling: Creating a lasting legacy in your sales; article 2

Article 2: Creating a lasting legacy with your customer

Today I am going to offer some valuable insight into creating a lasting legacy within your customer. As a sales professional it is vital to have the ability to connect with your customer and establish a bond of trust. Over the past few years I’ve written many articles with the sole purpose of connecting you with your customer, opening the lines of communication and creating an obligation to become your customer for life. When you are able to mix these skills, along with product knowledge and sales training, something magical happens between you and your customer. The walls of fear and doubt suddenly begin to disappear as your customer has now entrusted you with their loyalty and business.

Modern Day Selling: Creating a lasting legacy in your sales career - Examining the concept of a legacy


Article 1: Examining the concept of a legacy

Today I am excited to start a new series on creating a lasting legacy in your sales career. As a sales professional you have a great opportunity to impact people’s lives in a meaningful way. Every day that you enter your store there will be an opportunity to impact someone’s life by adding a smile or going the extra mile and doing something special. If you stop and think about it, there are endless opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life in the retail world. In this series I will offer some insight into the secrets of my success that have helped me create a positive legacy that will last in my store, as well as the retail world.

Modern Day Selling: Sales Professionals Beware: Examining 3 negative selling styles

As a sales professional in the world of retail it is vital to examine your performance and selling style. In order to give your customers the ultimate experience it is important to establish trust, open up the lines of communication and connect with the modern day customer. Being able to do these things well will make your job a lot easier, and you more efficient and effective. Your sales presentation does not have to be a marathon or chess match with your customer. A lot of the old style of sales training, based on sales tactics and manipulation, has led many to a disconnection with their customers. I would like to examine the three negative selling styles that have been created by these concepts and what to watch out for in your sales career.

Modern Day Selling: Understanding the importance of Reassurance Objections

Today I am going to share with you a little golden nugget that has helped me become an effective, efficient closer, and an elite sales professional. Many people who have worked with me over the years will tell you that one of my best skills is the art of being a closer. The one thing they notice the most is that my closing style is unlike any they have ever seen before. Most sales professionals, who are known as super closers, often use many crafty selling techniques filled with pressure and manipulation. My way of closing is establishing trust, connecting with my customer and allowing them to lead me to the close. I am not afraid to let a customer walk if they are truly undecided because more often than not they return to me when it is time to purchase. My method has been proven to be more effective, efficient and certainly creates a larger and more loyal customer base. This is what makes my future sales with my customers almost effortless.

Modern Day Selling: Managing the seasons of your life and sales career, Part II

Last month I shared with you a special article on, “Understanding the Seasons of your Life and Sales Career.” In that article I shared the concept of examining your sales career with clarity and looking beyond the normal view of your career. Today I would like to expand upon that insight and offer you some valuable information that can help you achieve a more meaningful and fulfilling sales career. It all starts with translating the natural process of the changing of seasons into the process of your sales career. Take a moment to buckle-up and enjoy the journey.