Last updateTue, 14 Jan 2020 10pm

Brad Simon

The 3 Magical M’s of Marketing - Part 3

This week we continue our look at the Three Magical M’s of Marketing. For the past two weeks we examined the first two key elements that you must carefully consider to be successful with your marketing; Use the Right Media and Create the Right Message

This week we will continue our study with the 3rd M: Target the Right Market

In today’s Information Age targeting your marketing has become imperative. Yet most small business owners don’t understand the importance of it nor know how to properly implement it.

Internet Marketing Strategies: The 3 Magical M’s of Marketing - Part 1

In all marketing there are Three Key Elements that you must carefully consider to be successful. And unfortunately the old saying “two out of three ain’t bad” does NOT hold true. Miss just one of these and your advertising will not only be less successful than it could have been, but may actually lose you money costing you more than you receive in additional sales.

The absolute best method to get consumers off the Internet and into your store

Facebook is the undisputed leader in websites and mobile apps. Although the Internet is comprised of over 1 billion websites the majority of time is spent on only a handful of them, and Facebook is the most active of all of them. Americans spend more time on Facebook than Google Search and YouTube combined. One out of every five minutes spent on mobile phones is spent on the Facebook app. People spend more time on their phones on Facebook than they do sending text messages and making phone calls combined!

Internet Marketing Strategies: The 3 most common Social Media Mistakes jewelers make Part 1

Are you making mistakes on your Social Media pages that are affecting the results you are receiving?

Is your Social Media Marketing less effective than it could be because of these mistakes?

Over the next three weeks we will take a look at the 3 most common mistakes jewelers make. This week we will discuss the biggest one.