Internet Marketing Strategies: Video Marketing is cost-effective

With high-speed Internet and an array of categories to choose from, online video viewing has exploded. In fact, YouTube alone receives more than three billion views on a daily basis, and a good majority of these views are on products and services videos.

Quality written content and professional photos certainly play an important part in promoting your jewelry online. Yet, video marketing is another powerful tool that some companies tend to overlook because of myths surrounding the high prices that come along with it. However, on the contrary, online video marketing is a cost-effective option in which any local businesses should consider investing. 

The Power of Video

Videos hold a certain power that no other type of online marketing can offer. In fact, nearly half of Internet users view at least one video per day. Along with entertainment videos, a large portion of online video viewing is tutorials, referrals, product and service information, educational information, and testimonials.

In addition, 90% of retail shoppers have made purchases based on helpful videos in which companies demonstrated and/or advertised their products. Furthermore, the majority of shoppers who made a purchase after watching a video report that they still clearly remember the videos that helped them decide on their purchasing decisions.

What this means for jewelers is that given the low cost involved in creating videos, there is a great chance of the payoff being significantly higher than what was invested, as millions of people now turn to videos for product and service information.

Video Marketing Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

Since social video networking websites have expanded in recent years, it is now more affordable than ever to create professional, high-quality videos and easily get them in front of millions of eyes. There is no longer a need to hire an expensive production and advertising company to boost your videos, as there are affordable marketing professionals who can guide you and help you see a high return on investment.

Many businesses are under the assumption that creating a professional video entails investing in expensive equipment and pricey editing tools. However, this is no longer true.

In fact, most point-and-shoot cameras today can create the same type of high-quality videos that used to cost companies thousands of dollars. This also applies to editing tools, lighting, and other equipment needed. Furthermore, several types of videos can be created without an actual camera at all.

With video marketing, you have an inexpensive way to reach viewers across the globe. The Internet has changed the way companies can reach consumers forever, giving local businesses a successful chance to create high-quality videos at an affordable rate. 

6 Reasons Online Videos Work So Well

In order to determine how videos affect consumers, a series of studies and polls have been performed in recent years. The statistics have clearly revealed that not only are videos the preferred choice by an overwhelming amount of consumers, but people tend to remember the companies that create engaging and/or helpful videos, and usually end up purchasing a product or service as a result.

1. Search Engines - Google places high priority on videos. In fact, video has a 59% better chance to be ranked higher in the search results than a normal webpage.

This means if someone is searching online for engagement rings or other jewelry, or the services you perform, your videos may come up if they are properly optimized. Keep in mind, however, that a video should always have an SEO-optimized title, a detailed description, and relevant keywords. This will help get your videos listed high in the search results.

2. People Love Videos - With over 3 billion hits a day on YouTube alone, it’s evident that a lot of people like to watch videos. In fact, YouTube is the 2nd most-used website for searches, trailing only behind Google. Creating your own videos, whether they are slide shows, product information, or testimonials, will increase the chances of your online exposure significantly growing.

3. Millions of Videos are Shared Online Daily  - Whether through e-mails, social media websites, or sharing buttons on blogs, consumers today do not hesitate to share videos with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Although computers are still the primary way that most consumers view videos, over 50% said that viewing videos on their smartphones is a quick and convenient way to find product information. Mobile users represent a large portion of consumers.

Video sharing will continue to grow as more and more users are starting to share videos via their mobile devices. By 2016, experts estimate that at least two-thirds of the world’s mobile viewing will be videos.

4. People Stay on Websites That Have Videos Longer

Website visitors tend to stay longer on websites that have videos. The longer people stay, the more likely they are to remember your jewelry store. In fact, most viewers will remember your brand and your key product and/or service features if they find your videos entertaining and helpful.

People visiting websites spend an average of 88% more time on sites that include videos. Over 70% of shoppers prefer to see a video on the products page while viewing a company’s website.

5. Videos Are More Personal  - When you create a video, you are giving consumers a more personal experience than they would get from reading content alone. This will help turn cold leads into warm prospects as viewers may feel a better connection towards your brand. In a recent survey geared towards hundreds of executives, 85% stated that they view business videos, and 65% typically view the company’s website after watching.

6. Videos Attract Visual Learners  - Along with the entertainment and personal factors that come with videos, those who are visual learners will seek out videos before anything else. Creating and sharing videos allows you to reach these types of people who may have otherwise skipped learning about your business if you didn’t offer visual content.

Videos and Social Media Work Together

Social Media and Videos are two of the most powerful outlets that jewelers have online for gaining new business and increasing brand awareness online. When the two are combined, the possibilities are limitless.

Facebook allows you to embed links to your videos directly to your page without any need for third-party plug-ins or other tools. To post an embedded link, you just need to copy your video’s link and paste it into a status update.

YouTube is a Social Media website in itself; not only will you have your own business profile, but you will also have an effective way to upload and share videos on the world’s most popular video sharing website. In addition you can share your YouTube videos with other Social Media websites, simply click the appropriate sharing widget located directly under every YouTube video. Currently, YouTube has 10 social media widgets to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and more.

Brad Simon is co-owner of Internet 4 Jewelers and specializes in Local Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Mobile Marketing.  For more information you can contact him at 864-680-4416 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..