Last updateWed, 11 Sep 2019 2pm

Brad Huisken

It’s already hot - let’s make it sizzle!

We’re right in the peak of the summer season. It’s hot enough to make a romance novel seem tame! The tendency this time of year is to just plop down (anywhere) and cool off, with or without a refreshing beverage.

While that is a wonderful fantasy, it is not particularly helpful for the bottom line in the sales world. So, what are your doing to keep your energy crackling and your enthusiasm wilder than a greased pig race at the state fair?

You’ve got the talent - Can you use it?

If you’ve got a trustworthy character and have worked on yourself to develop and enhance those traits, half of the “battle” to become an ace salesperson is already won! 

I’m going out on a limb, and guessing that if you are a highly introverted person, your interest level in becoming an outstanding salesperson may not be at its pinnacle! It’s not that it’s not possible; it definitely is. It may be more intricate, because your natural “gift of gab” may seem distant or artificial. 

For some people, the tendency or desire to initiate conversations with unknown persons is a given. If there is another person in the proximity, there are conversations to be made - period. For more introverted sorts, the tendency may be a bit more inward. “Gee, there’s a person. I wonder what they think of this humidity we are having. Nah, they are probably concerned with what’s on their grocery list for tonight’s dinner. I wonder what they would think if I made some general comment. They’d probably wonder about my sanity or wish that I’d mind my own business.”

You’ve got the goods - Do you have the talent?

You’ve checked out the merchandise you plan to sell. You’ve selected the best values for both cost and quality that you are certain will generate rampant excitement in your customers. This stuff is practically guaranteed to jump from the display into the customer’s hearts and lives!  It just doesn’t get any better, does it?

Repeating your success – creating business health

Celebrating the products you’ve chosen, honoring the salespeople you’ve hired, basking in the glories of your reputation create the wheels of business health and success. Mastering all of these techniques and carefully nurturing all of the components advances the most important part of business - repeat business!

Once you’ve launched the product line and found the quality staff to successfully sell all the benefits and features to your customers and you’ve begun to build your reputation as a quality organization with integrity and customer service as core values, the next step is to repeat it all! Repeat it and repeat it and repeat it!

Keeping those fires burning HOT! HOT! HOT!

Keeping your sales staff FIRED UP! and KICKIN’ IT! is one of the fun and creative parts of leading the development of a supercharged QUALITY organization! (Just ask any coach of any professional team!) 

So... you’ve hired ‘em! You’re training them carefully and faithfully! The results are starting to percolate all the way through your company! Gotta LOVE that! How are you going to keep them on top of their game - increasing the potential that was evident when you hired them? 

Variety! Challenge! Excellence! Mastery! Reward!

Keeping Customers, Part 2

As you become increasingly adept at building personal relationships with customers, a new dilemma crops up: How the heck do you keep track of all those personal details that comprise the lives of each customer? It does no good for anyone if you remember that Little Tommy plays football with the Little Town Cougars if the customer is an avowed bachelor who prefers cats and plants to people. It could be a real disaster if you begin to discuss the recent trip to Mexico with the customer who just spent a month skiing the Alps. People may take exception to "misremembered" life details like that!

Keeping Customers, Part 1

With rock stars, the continued expansion of their fan base determines their success and growth within the industry. Without continued growth and presence to their fans, stars dim and slip into obscurity to suffer the fate of "has beens." For salespersons, the constant growth of their customer base, both with repeat customers and with adding new ones, determines their success and growth within the sales industry.