Last updateWed, 15 May 2019 3pm

Brad Huisken

Autumn’s Bounty

The glorious autumn colors continue to wind down and the crops so carefully tended and nurtured are being harvested. Fields are being cleared and managed in anticipation of the bountiful opportunities that await future cultivation.

Making the most of holiday sales opportunities

HuiskenHere we are at the end of October again. It feels like we were just enjoying spring, and then summer came and went. As every salesperson knows, the holiday shopping season is well underway for some, but for most it really picks up as we approach Halloween. With that in mind, it’s a good time to review some of things that will make your selling season a successful one.

Building relationships

What’s important to you? What are your interests? What do you care about? How well informed are you about your own interests? Are you an individual whose conversation tends to be limited to a narrow range of topics? Are you intensely passionate in the pursuit of information about those interests? Do you tend to restrict your actions to align with those specialized interests? Can you apply your in-depth knowledge base to a wider context? Most importantly, how does any of this matter in the profession of sales?

Gearing up

As summer is drawing to a close, and autumn is giving hints of drifting upon us, most of us are beginning to contemplate wrapping up 2016 in a profit-positive situation. Doom sayers have indicated that the 2016 market is either lackluster or soft. Other reports are considerably more optimistic and looking forward to a solid completion for the year. 

Creating your success

In recent articles, we’ve discussed setting goals, handling high quality merchandise, developing the personal qualities of honesty, trustworthiness, integrity and increasing the skills essential for conversing with customers. Combining all of these talents on a deeply personal level provide the opening for YOU to CREATE your own SUCCESS! 

It’s already hot - let’s make it sizzle!

We’re right in the peak of the summer season. It’s hot enough to make a romance novel seem tame! The tendency this time of year is to just plop down (anywhere) and cool off, with or without a refreshing beverage.

While that is a wonderful fantasy, it is not particularly helpful for the bottom line in the sales world. So, what are your doing to keep your energy crackling and your enthusiasm wilder than a greased pig race at the state fair?

You’ve got the talent - Can you use it?

If you’ve got a trustworthy character and have worked on yourself to develop and enhance those traits, half of the “battle” to become an ace salesperson is already won! 

I’m going out on a limb, and guessing that if you are a highly introverted person, your interest level in becoming an outstanding salesperson may not be at its pinnacle! It’s not that it’s not possible; it definitely is. It may be more intricate, because your natural “gift of gab” may seem distant or artificial. 

For some people, the tendency or desire to initiate conversations with unknown persons is a given. If there is another person in the proximity, there are conversations to be made - period. For more introverted sorts, the tendency may be a bit more inward. “Gee, there’s a person. I wonder what they think of this humidity we are having. Nah, they are probably concerned with what’s on their grocery list for tonight’s dinner. I wonder what they would think if I made some general comment. They’d probably wonder about my sanity or wish that I’d mind my own business.”