Last updateTue, 16 Jul 2019 9pm

Brad Huisken

Want to increase sales? Involve everyone

Increase Sales

The holiday season always seems to remind us of things we forget as salespeople and this year is no different for me. The focus on the customer in any given situation is always vital, but it is just as vital to include anyone the customer has brought with them. They are likely there because the customer trusts them, and in many cases, will want their input in making the decision to buy.

Building sales success!

In assessing your store’s sustainability, hopefully you’ve examined its strengths and weaknesses followed by implementing tweaks to improve your overall results. You’ve analyzed sales and refocused your merchandising choices to reflect buyer’s interests and considered the changes in the demographics of your customers to enhance their experience within your store. 

Products, Demographics, Focus

How are your products presented to your customers? Are they sectioned by purpose? By demographics? By price-point? What features of your merchandise guide the product placement within your store? How do you determine what merits prominence in your displays? The nature of the retail beast dictates frequent changes and placements of merchandise to take advantage of seasons, trends (or traditions), themes, features and specific appeal. So how do you choose which products merit prominence and which deserve lesser exposure to the customer?

Deliver individual customer service

We often think of customer service in terms of standards that are set by the company or sales manager for which we work. Having a baseline or goal for customer service is always a good thing, but they often leave out a key component.

Maintaining relationships

For every salesperson, relationships with their customers might be the single most important thing on their tool belt. If their relationships are strong and positive, then success will follow. Not only will the salesperson have the customers, they will also benefit from word of mouth from those customers.

What exactly does your store do well?

By this time, you most likely have examined the statistics from the holiday season. In looking over those products for which customers demonstrated a greater appreciation, take a fair amount of time to reflect upon precisely where shoppers parted with their cash and where merchandise took up a greater amount of your store’s real estate without rapid churning through your inventory. In your looking, physically relocate items that are HOT! to more prominent locations on your sales floor.  (Hopefully, while you and your staff are doing this physical relocation, you are also cleaning, polishing, and updating your displays!)  In both groups, the bread and butter group and the real estate hog group, what specifically do you notice as differences between the two groups? Is it style? Is it purpose? Is it manufacturer? Is it personalization options? What observations, backed by statistics, do you note between the two groups?