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Brad Huisken

Social Media Part II

Social media, when used correctly, is an advantage to those of us in the sales and customer service field. We talked about some of those advantages last time and will look at specific ways it can be an advantage. As with everything, there are disadvantages as well.

Social Media - Part I

If you are reading this article because you clicked on a link via Facebook, then you are already using social media. Whether we like it or not, social media is a part of our lives and how a lot of people obtain information these days. What does that mean for the field of sales and salespeople?

Search for what’s in the heart and the head and you’ll find what’s in the wallet

As we ramped up for the grand finale to 2017, there were a number of factors likely weighing on our minds: small things like the very survival of our business to be able to greet the challenges of 2018; the quantity and quality of the products we intend to offer our customers; the marketing we do to gain recognition of current and potential clients, the training of our personnel within our respective companies, and the most important factor of all - CUSTOMERS!  “We all got ‘em, we all want ‘em. What do we do with ‘em?” (Jimmy Buffett, Fruitcakes, 1994).

Customer Service Fundamentals

Understanding the subtleties of quality customer service is essential to consistently providing the positive interaction, which builds your reputation and renown throughout your customer base. Customers clamor to receive great customer service all of the time. Clearly, great customer service is recognized when extra touches are added which rock the customer in positive ways. It is a great experience to provide customer service that merits positive feedback from the customer to the company, the management, other customers, the salesperson, and anyone else who will listen. So what are the basic qualities of fabulous customer service?

Getting ready for success in 2018


Now that the holidays are in your rear-view mirror, it’s an excellent time to evaluate what grew your business in 2017 and what caused your headaches. Expending effort now to align all the practices of selling will produce the outcomes you wish to achieve for 2018.

Want to increase sales? Involve everyone

Increase Sales

The holiday season always seems to remind us of things we forget as salespeople and this year is no different for me. The focus on the customer in any given situation is always vital, but it is just as vital to include anyone the customer has brought with them. They are likely there because the customer trusts them, and in many cases, will want their input in making the decision to buy.

Building sales success!

In assessing your store’s sustainability, hopefully you’ve examined its strengths and weaknesses followed by implementing tweaks to improve your overall results. You’ve analyzed sales and refocused your merchandising choices to reflect buyer’s interests and considered the changes in the demographics of your customers to enhance their experience within your store.