Last updateTue, 07 Jul 2020 11pm

Brad Huisken


The first of the year has come and gone and while many of you have already set your goals for 2020, it’s never a bad thing for a few reminders when setting goals.

Coaching Winners

Retail is so competitive right now that the definitive edge is the extremely well-trained staff who can assist the customer with bringing their personal vision for their purchase clearly into the focus of reality. Bringing the customer’s vision to a satisfying and enduring conclusion is similar to a riveting production on the screen or in the theater.

Sales management communication strategies

Communication is a key for any business or organization; in fact, it is probably the most important element in achieving success. As a salesperson, communication is even more vital, just because the entire job is based on your ability to communicate with others.

Customer service when busy

Providing high quality customer service is easier when business is slow or there are only one or two customers in the store. However, what happens when we are busy or there are more customers than there are salespeople? Those customers still deserve the same level of customer service, don’t they? Of course they do, but there are challenges in getting that done.

The holidays are here again!

Make the most of this opportunity to build lifelong customers

The holidays are here again and it’s naturally a very busy time for salespeople. It’s a time where salespeople will make a lot of sales, and an essential time to expand their customer base.

Implementing change within an organization

Change is all around us and if we don’t embrace it, we will be left behind. The field of sales is changing on a daily, almost hourly basis and the salespeople who adapt to the changes the best are also the most successful.