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Brad Huisken

When the world overwhelms you!

Everyone has those days when nothing goes right; you can’t get past the non-business conversation, you can’t overcome any objections, and even if you get the opportunity to close, it never happens. Those are the days when we feel overwhelmed and are absolutely sure nothing is ever going to go right again. Everything we touch seems to blow up in our faces. So, the question becomes how do we get past that feeling and get back on track?

Motivators: Contests, Rewards & Perks

While your leadership is critical to the success of your sales staff, keeping things fresh and crisp goes a very long way toward allowing fantastic teams to reach peak performance, get minor rewards, to spark gentle competition and to push themselves and their co-workers! 

Sales training is for heroes!

One of the most sure fire ways to provide customers with the advantages of being cared for in a specialized manner is a new, hot, concept - customer service! Retail needs racing thoroughbreds not a bunch of donkeys. And thoroughbreds need constant training.

Customer service blunder

Customer service is not something we choose to provide to one person and not another. Customer service is something that should be consistently applied to every customer who takes the time to come to us.

Social Media Part VI

We’ve talked a lot recently about how the evolution of social media has impacted the field of sales, both the good and the bad. If used correctly, social media can be a big asset to any salesperson. The key, though, is social media cannot replace customer service. It can be and should be used to enhance it, but it should never replace face-to-face customer service. Here are some areas/scenarios where face-to-face is needed.

Social Media – Part V

Last time we talked about how the evolution of social media has impacted how salespeople obtain referrals and increase their repeat customer base. In much the same way, social media has had the same impact on communication between a salesperson and their customer base.

Social Media – Part IV

We’ve been talking about how social media today impacts the field of sales and customer service. We already know that the lifeline of any salesperson is repeat customers and referrals. In decades past, we relied on our customers to talk to their friends at work, parties or other social events. Today, however, “word of mouth” is much easier with the evolution of social media.