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Bill Warren

The Ready, Fire, Aim Principle

Have you ever wondered why some jewelry stores seem to stay ahead of the crowd while others plod along with the same old results year after year?  Its a question that has plagued many a store owner.  Perhaps a piece of the puzzle is that those jewelers who blaze new trails are the ones who aren’t afraid to experiment with something new.

Reflections of a former independent jeweler

As each of us start the year anew, you have probably found yourself reflecting on a great many things. Amazingly, I have reflected on how I have changed over the last couple of years as well as how other jewelers and our industry as a whole has changed.

How to “Zig” when your competitors “Zag”

Let me ask you a question... have you ever noticed how it seems that every jewelry store in your area seems to say the same thing in describing their store? You’ll see statements in their advertising such as “The Best Customer Service” or “Best Prices On Diamond Rings Guaranteed” or “Nobody Outsells Us” or “Best Jewelry Selection”. Of course, everyone thinks they have all of these things and they’ve become overused in the context of marketing and advertising.

My Secret Weapon That Spells Success

If I had to start my jewelry business over tomorrow and could only keep one asset from my prior business, what do you think it would be?  What is the one most important and critical element to the success of every business?  Why, nothing other than your in-house, customer mailing list of course! You do have one, don’t you?

Would you rather win awards or make money?

Let me ask you a question.  Have you noticed how so many businesses seem more concerned with winning awards and filling their ads with pretty graphics?  Hey, I thought the purpose of advertising was to make you money, not win awards!  Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not against anyone winning an award from their local newspaper, chamber of commerce, etc... but let’s get a grip!!!

Advertising: Brand vs. Direct Response

In this corner we have “Brand Advertising” - in the opposite corner stands “Direct Response Advertising” - Who wins the battle?

First, lets define our two combatants. Brand Advertising is that which builds name recognition for a brand, but makes no specific offer.  In the jewelry biz, we’re most familiar with this type of advertising in campaigns such as:  Hearts On Fire Diamonds, Pandora Jewelry, Rolex, etc.  This type of advertising is usually very “glitzy” with four color ads, the logo displayed prominently, a picture and nothing else.