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Bill Warren

10 ways to ramp up your holiday marketing for a successful season

Have you ever made it to the month of November and thought: “What in the world am I going to do to bring customers in my door this Christmas?  Should I run a newspaper ad (if so, what kind), should I do radio, cable TV, social media... oh Santa, please tell me what works!!”   Unfortunately, for many early years in my store’s existence, I used to ask myself this very question.  Have you found yourself thinking the same thing?  C’mon now... Santa is watching you!!

If I only had one bullet...

Imagine if you will that you are back in the old days of the wild, wild west.  The bad guys have you pinned down and boxed in within a canyon.  Gun fire blazes all around you and bullets are whizzing by your head.  You want to fire back, so you reach for your trusty rifle but its empty.  You then reach for your ole’ stand by, the six shooter, but it’s also empty.  In your nervous haste, you look everywhere for a bullet. Lo and behold, you find one, load it in your gun’s chamber and then fire!  Your bullet hits its mark and you save the day. You’re a hero!!!

Bring out the “Maverick” in you

The late, great motivational speaker, radio personality and author Earl Nightingale was once asked what the secret to success in business was.  His answer revealed much. He said, “Watch what everyone else is doing and then do the opposite.”  It took me a little while to grasp what he meant, but slowly I found the hidden meaning behind it.

You have not because you ask not

Lest ye think I am about to launch into a biblical sermon, let me say that the above quote from the Bible is very applicable to business in every sense.  Perhaps you are like me and have discovered that jewelry sales are not always so rosy.  Every day is not a barn burner in our business, but a lot of those days would produce much better sales if we simply asked for them!

Mastering the Art of Upsell for added profits

Here is a simple principle which, when put to use in your store, will add massive profits and value to your bottom line. Some call it the Upsell while some refer to it as the Add-on, but who cares as long as it works?

What did you do today to bring in the bacon tomorrow?

The question in the headline is one I ask myself at the end of every business day. It’s one I hope by the end of this column that you’ll start asking yourself. You see, it’s really more about your mind-set than anything else. You’ll discover that developing the “Maverick Marketing” mind-set of how to bring in tomorrow’s bacon is also what will help you be extremely successful in the jewelry business.