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Bill Warren

How to reinvent the wheel in your store

Do you ever wonder about ways you can improve your business?  You sit and think about it, but you’re just not sure what to do?  As I write this article, the New Year has recently started and I find myself being reflective about things, but looking forward as well.  Many things we tried in our jewelry store worked well last year, but some of the marketing, strategies and events were clunkers just like any other business has.

Perseverance - The Key to a Jeweler’s Success

Twenty years ago my wife and I opened our jewelry store in downtown Hudson, NC.  Like many of you, we got started on a “wing and a prayer.”  I had been running a store in nearby Lenoir, which was a chain operation and had only moved to the area two years prior.  My wife was a hairdresser and like many young couples, we had the dream of owning a business.

Bloom where you are planted

Sitting around the table at a restaurant was a group of jewelers enjoying good food and fellowship together after a long day at a jewelry trade show.  I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation as my wife and I were sitting at the table next to them.  One jeweler told another, “If only I were in a bigger city like you are, I could really be doing so much more business.  All of the furniture factories and mills where I’m at have shut down and jobs are scarce and money is so tight.” 

Holiday success tips checklist

Our first full year of business had flown by.  We’d had ups and downs, trials and tribulations, but we’d finally made it thru.  A local competitor had tried their best to put us out of business, but I’d simply made up my mind that no matter what happened, our store was staying put!  Then it came....

How to put voice broadcasting to use in your jewelry store

One day I got home from work to discover I had a personal message on my answering machine from a politician seeking my vote. A few days later while checking my answering machine I noticed that my doctor had made a call reminding me of an appointment.  I knew that in both instances, there was some technology used to make these calls and it got me thinking.

Let’s have a party - Instead of a sale!

Let’s turn the party music up, break out the food and drink and have some fun, shall we?  That is what many of your customers are waiting for you to do!  It seems like so many retailers simply have one boring sale event after another to the point that big store sales are no longer effective.

Adapt or die... the choice is yours

Adapt or die - that’s kind of an abrupt title for an article isn’t it?  Before I get into the meat of this, let me digress for a moment.

Like many of you, I have a deep love for this industry and the independent jeweler.  Perhaps many of you just like me have watched this industry for almost 30 years or longer.  Its been an incredible ride in my own career, that’s for sure. 

When I entered the jewelry biz as a goldsmith’s apprentice in downtown Statesville, NC, the landscape was quite different than it is today.  Some called this time the “good ole days” or the Reagan “Glory Years.”  Things were easier then, that’s for sure!