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Bill Warren

How to find the “Place of Power” in your market

How does one come to find their own place of power in the jewelry market they serve? It isn’t such an easy question and many factors must be considered. I struggled with this very question for a long time until I finally reached the answer for my store.

A few questions you might ask yourself in determining where your place of power could be:

Your greatest victories often come after your darkest hours

Success in business (and in life) usually comes after some of your biggest trials and tribulations. Each of us must make the choice daily to succeed in our chosen calling of being an independent jeweler. It often seems like the things that worked yesterday are no longer effective today. We constantly need to be learning and improving ourselves and our businesses.

The allure of “The Magic Bullet”

How many of you have had this thought: “Some day my jewelry store will be humming with biz and when I get there, I can lay back and just watch the profit roll in. All I’ve got to do is find the magic bullet to get me there!”

Yes, I’m guilty of thinking this thought more than once, and its something I often hear from other jewelers. So many of us think that “when we get there” we can lay back, take it easy and not have to push so hard.  Well friends, I don’t have a magic bullet to give you, but perhaps I can share a few things that will make your biz more fun and more profitable!

A “Goodwill” promotion that works!

Let me ask you a question. How would you like to do a promotion that brings instant “Goodwill” to your store from clients?  Did I mention that it is also very profitable not only in “Goodwill,” but gross profit as well?  Did I also mention that it costs very little to do?

How to reinvent the wheel in your store

Do you ever wonder about ways you can improve your business?  You sit and think about it, but you’re just not sure what to do?  As I write this article, the New Year has recently started and I find myself being reflective about things, but looking forward as well.  Many things we tried in our jewelry store worked well last year, but some of the marketing, strategies and events were clunkers just like any other business has.

Perseverance - The Key to a Jeweler’s Success

Twenty years ago my wife and I opened our jewelry store in downtown Hudson, NC.  Like many of you, we got started on a “wing and a prayer.”  I had been running a store in nearby Lenoir, which was a chain operation and had only moved to the area two years prior.  My wife was a hairdresser and like many young couples, we had the dream of owning a business.

Bloom where you are planted

Sitting around the table at a restaurant was a group of jewelers enjoying good food and fellowship together after a long day at a jewelry trade show.  I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation as my wife and I were sitting at the table next to them.  One jeweler told another, “If only I were in a bigger city like you are, I could really be doing so much more business.  All of the furniture factories and mills where I’m at have shut down and jobs are scarce and money is so tight.”