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One-horse towns and direct response marketing, Part II

In my last article, I addressed the subject of Direct Response Marketing and how it brought our store success. The beauty of this is it can do the same thing for you whether you’re in a small country town like me or a large city. As I said before, let’s break this down into bite size chunks since it’s not so easy for some. Let us address the mindset today.

The argument goes back and forth between brand/image marketers and direct response folks like me. Image people throw a brand name and image out in mass media and hope that when potential clients think of buying jewelry, they’ll think of them. Let’s call this akin to the Maytag repairman commercial - you remember that one don’t you?

On the other side of the ring stand people like me, the direct response crowd. We say: “Make a compelling offer, test and track it, and when clients come in to buy your product, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing.”

The beauty of direct response is you can constantly test and track where your money is going and where it’s being most effective. Wouldn’t it be nice to know Mr. or Mrs. Jewelry Store Owner that if you spend X amount of dollars, you can expect X amount of sales? Direct response marketers can do this while the branding folks cannot.

Now I know this will be contrary to popular belief but it truly is so. When teaching direct response to my private coaching clients, I teach them how to do it effectively across all marketing mediums.

What is an example of direct response marketing? I’m so glad you asked!

A good direct response vehicle could be such things as sending a gift certificate to your best clients. It might be a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) offer like clothing companies do. Another might be sending a kit on how to buy an engagement ring to a prospective client. In this kit you would include a plastic ring sizer or coaster, info on diamonds and perhaps a gift certificate to your store when the client shares a mailing address or e-mail with you.

Years ago I was initially taught Brand/Image marketing and wasted untold sums of money on this - well no more! Let me suggest you do a search for people like Jim Ackerman, Dan Kennedy and even myself on this subject (I’ve written countless articles on the virtues of direct response). Learn the fundamentals of good direct response copy and marketing.

Above all else, adopt this mindset - you thought I’d forgotten didn’t you? When planning marketing say to yourself: “From this point forward I will hold all of my marketing accountable just as I would a salesperson in my store. If it doesn’t bring back a profit, I will cut it loose and do more of that which does. I will test and track everything and genetically engineer my marketing for ever increasing profits and success!”

Want to know more? Stay tuned…there’s so much content to share on the subject that I cannot simply stop here. So, until then, here’s to a profitable you using Direct Response!

Bill Warren is a renowned jewelry store owner & Principle Centered Marketing Coach to the jewelry industry. You’ll often find him speaking and coaching at jewelry trade events.  He may be reached at 828-729-1020 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.