How about an event instead of another sale?

In this day of quick fix, short term thinking it isn’t unusual to see more jewelers opting for one big “Storewide Sale” after another. Oh yes, a sale is a great short term blast of cash and profit, but is it the best answer? In the long run, one sale after another tends to weaken a store’s marketing position and can actually do more damage than good. So again, what’s the answer?

Here it is - events!!! Well aren’t events pretty much the same as sales you might ask? No, not necessarily. Sometimes there will be items marked at a special sale price during an event but that isn’t the main reason for the event itself. So, let’s talk about event marketing for a minute.

Events should be used as a traffic and information building vehicle. A few examples of jewelry store events are:

  • Ladies or Men’s Night Events where you have special finger foods, drink, big screen TVs around sporting events, etc. Use these times to build wish lists for upcoming occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other life events.
  • Trunk Shows where you feature a local or national designer for a limited time. Your clients get to see the latest designs and/or meet the designer. You pull a list of clients who love the particular designer and invite them. It’s very inexpensive to do and can be very profitable. I love these events!!!
  • New Jewelry Line Intro Events similar to trunk shows but this will introduce and feature a new line of jewelry you’ve recently added. You invite those clients you think might enjoy the new line. Not a sale - just an introduction to the line. I love these as well, and I often invite my very best clients to get the first “Sneak Peek” at something!
  • Easter Event – we fill several hundred plastic eggs with a piece of paper stating something the customer will receive by picking an egg out of our huge basket, no purchase necessary. Prizes can be anything you want including gift certificates or discounts to your store. Again, not a sale, but an event.  Last year we had 400 clients come in for this - not too shabby!

You’ll discover that your clients will come to love fun events and look forward to them year after year. Our Easter Egg Event has been going on 20 years and our clients can’t wait for it! These are just a few ideas to help you break the “Sale” mentality. What ideas can you come up with?

With careful planning, event marketing can lead the way to increased store traffic and profit. I notice that the more successful stores seem to do this - shouldn’t you?

Bill Warren, DDJM (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry Marketing) owns a successful jewelry store in the western NC mountain town of Hudson. Bill speaks to many jewelers organizations/associations on the subject of jewelry store marketing. He also consults one on one with jewelry store owners helping them improve their business. If you’d like to reach Bill call 828-729-1020 or e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Visit his blog at