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Bill Warren

A faster way to higher profits

What is the proverbial silver bullet in a successful business? I belong to three different mastermind groups - two that are jewelry specific and one that is not - and this is often a topic of conversation. Truly I wish there were a Silver Bullet, but in this column I’m going to talk about perhaps the closest thing.

How about an event instead of another sale?

In this day of quick fix, short term thinking it isn’t unusual to see more jewelers opting for one big “Storewide Sale” after another. Oh yes, a sale is a great short term blast of cash and profit, but is it the best answer? In the long run, one sale after another tends to weaken a store’s marketing position and can actually do more damage than good. So again, what’s the answer?

Are You Revolving or Evolving? Part Three

In previous articles we’ve examined different modes of store operations and talked about how we independent jewelers need to be “Evolving!” To some degree, there will always be the traditional retail operation, but we’ve also examined Studio models, Estate Jewelry Models or Departments and the use of CAD/CAM in a more custom operation.

Are you Evolving or Revolving? Part Two

In my last article I talked about some of the various business models I see as I visit other jewelry stores on my quest to learn and grow.  In part one we talked about the use of CAD/CAM in more and more stores as well as the use of prototype mounting selling. 

Are you Evolving or Revolving?

Over the last ten years, with the great recession and the advent of “Millennials,” my viewpoints on a great many things have changed. It has caused me to ask myself if I am “Revolving” or in other words, doing the same old traditional methods of operation in a retail jewelry store over and over again. It has also caused me to think more in the terms of “Evolving” our store’s operation from a macro or “Big Picture” approach.

Hey vendors, here’s what we’re looking for - Part II

Some time ago I wrote a column about vendors policies and how they might better work with jewelry store owners (http://www.southernjewelrynews.com/columnists/bill-warren/3417-hey-vendor-don-t-forget-we-re-the-customers-here). I got lots of great feedback from that article so here is a continuation of it.