Last updateTue, 25 Jun 2019 9pm

Aleah Arundale

“But I can get a diamond on the Internet for Cheaper!”

You ever hear this? If a customer tells you about a diamond they “saw” on the Internet don’t sweat it! You did the tough part. They are already in your store. Now in order to make the sale all you need to do is create the feeling of value. Your price does not matter as much as the feeling that the customer is getting a great value with you. So how do you make your customer feel your diamond is a great deal without discounting? Here are some tips to help you create that feeling of value.

GN Diamond forges ahead with steady commitment to independent retailers

GN Diamond boasts an exclusive clientele - namely independent retailers. By dealing only with independents, the diamond wholesaler has created a loyalty-based success story, drawing some 3,500 clients into the fold.

With the company picking up 15 to 20 new clients every couple of days, GN Diamond bills itself as “The Fastest Growing Diamond Company in America.”