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Aleah Arundale

Sales tips from Aleah (and her dad)

Be Special! With special orders

Aleah and JimAleah Arundale and her dad, Jim Siegel.How is the little guy going to compete when Amazon starts selling more jewelry? SERVICE! We all know to smile and remember their dogs name, but maybe there is an extra area of service you have yet to consider.

The jewelry industry is going to be fine

People have worn, loved and craved jewelry for thousands of years. Jewelers, you are not losing customers. They are just on stay-cation. Jewelers made it through the Great Depression and two World Wars. We will make it through this too.

Buying jewelry is too hard

Hello Dinosaurs.

You have been making buying jewelry too hard for too long. If we can make jewelry buying easier, you will sell more of it. People want easy. The fastest way you can become easier to shop with is to start pricing your jewelry. Sounds simple, but we are the last industry on the planet not to tell shoppers prices. It’s nuts! It’s archaic and it should stop.

The Jewelry Test Drive

Would you spend thousands of dollars on a car before taking a test drive? Most of us would not. Car dealers are smart. They know that in order to make you feel comfortable spending $10,000, you need to try it first. What can we as jewelers, who also sell very expensive items, learn from the car dealers?

Buy less jewelry

Remember that time you bought that cheap power drill? Or that $10 purse or that $15 toaster. What happened? It broke and your toast caught fire. When you bought that cheap drill were you really saving money? NO! This is what you should remind customers when they are in your fine jewelry store.

Aleah Arundale’s 5 baby steps to being a responsible jeweler

AleahWhen on a diet, you might not keep to the diet 100%, but every salad you have is a step in the right direction. It’s the same with ethically sourced gold and gems! Your whole store might not be “green”, but why not one showcase? I think the problem is that the mining and sourcing problems seem so big that jewelers are too paralyzed to do anything. You don’t need to save the planet, but each responsible gem you buy is one step closer to a healthier world.