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Bob Janet

Sales Growth Expert: Create the perception that will attract prospects to you


I was doing a five day sales training program for a company located in a very small town in South Carolina. One of those small, quaint towns with a population of just over ten thousand and one road through the town with only a half dozen traffic lights. I was lodging at the In Town Hotel. The only hotel in the town. Each evening, as I had my dinner on a very lovely deck attached to the side of the hotel facing the main shopping area, I watched a dozen or so children ranging in age from six to twelve years old ride their bikes into town and go into a candy store across the street.

Sales Growth Expert The VULTURES want to eat you! It is up to you whether they do or not!


In nature a vulture is lazy. Vultures always take the easy way to the prize. And it is the same in the jewelry business where the prize is the sale. Vultures wait around to feed on the road kill.

Vultures will eat you alive, unless you are an Aggressive Sales Professional.

10  Aggressive Actions Jewelry Sales Professionals use to Stop the Vultures

1. Do not compete on price. You cannot do it and make your margins. Instead add value by adding benefits and building relationships with your customers.

2. Be 100% Customer Centered: Do not add to the customer’s problems, needs and wants by having anything but the greatest service, greatest positive attitude toward servicing the customer, and the greatest ability to solve the customer’s problems, needs and wants.  Everything you say and do, must be about and for the customer, not about you or the business.

When the customer has a problem with your products, services, the company or you, you must solve that problem immediately. It is the difference between keeping the customer or sending them to the Vultures.

3. Be the Expert in your market: Be the place that customers think of first for answers about products, service, etc. Salespeople must know everything about the products they sell in order to sell benefits. Being an expert includes looking like an expert, acting like an expert and knowing how and why a product benefits the customer.

4. Legendary Service: Good service is no longer good enough.  Great service is no longer good enough.  You must give Legendary Service:  Service that is so good customers and prospects buy from you because of your service not your products.  And they tell everyone about you without you asking them to do so.

Although the Vultures service their customers, you can still “out-service” them on their best days. Fast, effective, polite, 100% Customer-Centered knowledgeable people will impress even the toughest customer. Apply all 100% Customer-Centered attitudes to every service opportunity. When a customer calls for service use your voice, your attitude and your actions to show them that their need is the most important thing to you at that time.

5. Get help: You are not alone fighting off the Vultures.  Join trade associations.  If you belong to a trade association become very active in it.  Build relationships with non-competitive business in your industry. Sales Professionals love to help other Sales Professionals.  I know every time I do I learn or remember things that help me increase my sales and profits.

6. Aggressively use the telephone: I consider my telephone a cash register.  Because every time I call a prospect (a person who has not yet had the greatest buying experience of their life, the experience I will give to them) or a customer (a person who is doing business with me at the present time or has done business with me before), I know it is a great opportunity to ring up a sale. Don’t be afraid to cold call prospects. The worst thing they can do is hang up on you. Consider the time you spend contacting customers as an investment in your present and future income.

7. Survey your customers: Find out why your customers are doing business with you.  Question them as to what they like and dislike about your operation. Ask prospects why they are not doing business with you. Then use the answers to plan your attack on the market.

8. Stay in contact with your customers: If they bought from you once, they will buy from you over and over again and send their friends and family to you when you ask them to.  You can contact your customers as often as you like as long as you tell them or give them something of value.

9. Sell your store benefits: You sell the same products as your competition.  Maybe even the same brands.  To tilt the playing field, in a big way, sell your BENEFITS. Not just your features - the service.  Sell the BENEFITS - what the customer gets from the service.

10. Ask for the sale: From my observations of sales people over 45 years I estimate that 90% of people in the selling business do not ask for the sale. They show and talk about their products and services. Many sell their store benefits.  But they do not ask for the sale. The only sales they make are when the customer closes themselves.  That happens, but not often enough to be a top sales producer.

Ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky when asked why he shoots the puck all the time but does not score each time, replied, “I miss 100% of the ones I don’t shoot.” You will not always make the sale when you ask for it.  But it is for sure you will make more sales than if you don’t ask.

Don’t be road kill for the Vultures to eat you.  Be aggressive!  Use these 10 Aggressive Actions to be a Successful Sales Professional!

Bob Janet - Sales consultant/trainer, speaker, author of “Join The Profit Club” combines 40 plus years as owner/operator of professional, retail, manufacturing and service businesses with his unique teaching and storytelling ability to motivate, educate and inspire business professionals of all levels and all industries for increased sales & profits. Contact Bob at 704-882-6100, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sales Growth Expert: It’s all about the service It has always been - “All About The Service”


One of my first businesses, at the age of 10 or 11, was the fruit business. Back in the ‘50s grocery stores were not as prominent as they are today. Mom purchased eggs from the egg lady, bread from the bread man, milk from the milk man, all who sold door to door. As I watched Mom give them all money for their products I am sure I thought, “Why don’t I sell door to door and I will get the money?”

Sales Growth Expert: Are you ready to profit in 2011?


Asking for the sale and shutting up will really help you increase sales and profits

Good news.  Your prospects and customers will continue and expand their efforts to get the best deals on the products and services you sell.  Yes, they will shop price harder than ever before in 2011.  Yes, they will demand more services than ever before.  That is the good news for those of us willing to:

  1. Increase the number of services we can provide for our customer
  2. Differentiate ourselves and businesses from the competition
  3. Become more and more aggressive in:
    1. Learning and using new and different selling and marketing techniques
    2. Asking for the sale
    3. Following up after we make an offer and after the sale
    4. Delivering the service we talk about
    5. Never letting a customer walk
  4. Selling benefits - Not features, selling benefits
  5. Make it easy for the customer to buy from you

There is not one of the five that is more important than another, but I have seen over and over again that the sales professional and yes, even clerks who make it a point to ask for the sale over and over again are more successful than those who only show and talk about their products and services.

I once had a furniture salesman call on me (in my furniture store) and the only thing that differentiated him from a clerk was he asked for the sale.  He was terrible otherwise.  He never gave me one good benefit to do business with him or the companies he represented.  He never once respected my time.  He would just show up, open his display books, throw his material swatches on the counter and start asking for the sale.

He would say, “You should buy this three piece set in this fabric and this fabric and this fabric,” as he turned the pages and flipped the material swatches around. Then, without me saying a word, he wrote the three sets down on his order sheet.  Then he would move on to another style of sofa, love seat and chair and repeat the process.  He repeated it over and over again until he had completely filled out his order sheet. Again, never giving me one benefit or even telling me about the quality of his products.

When he finished he pushed the order sheet over to me and said, “Sign here!”  And you know what?  After I crossed out a few of the lines, I signed.  I knew I could buy furniture that would sell from others and buy it for less, but I was always so enamored that he asked for the sale, I always purchased from him.

When I was training a new sales professional I made sure they were there to see this clerk/sales professional in action. And at the end of the presentation all I said to my sales professional was, “When you ask for the sale as aggressively as this man, combined with showing our customers the benefits they receive when  buying from us, you will be successful.”

Another way to ask for the sale - Shut up and close the sale

Another simple way to close a sales is simply by listening for the customer to make a closing statement and then the very first thing you do is SHUT UP and write it up.  Every day I see sales professionals, good sales professionals, lose sales because they do not know when to SHUT UP.

While shopping one of the big box home store discounters for a client, I watched a perfect example of losing the sale because the sales professional did not SHUT UP.

A woman standing by the store’s bathroom toilet display asked the salesperson, “Does this toilet come in rose color?”  Immediately the salesperson replied, “It comes in rose, it comes in white, it comes in green, red, blue, almond, black, brown, gold....”  He named at least another dozen colors.  He then, without taking a breath, opened a book and began to read to her how the finish was applied and why it would never mar or discolor.  This all took less than a minute and a half.  The woman said, “thank you,” turned and left.  As she passed me I asked her, “Why didn’t you buy that toilet?”  She replied, “He would not shut up and sell it to me.”  He missed the closing statement.  As soon as she said, “Does this toilet come in rose color?”  All he had to do was SHUT UP and write it up.

Are you listening for the customers’ ‘Closing Statements?’ A ‘closing statement’ is anything the customer says that is positive about your product, service, business or you.

  • “I like  that.”
  • “That will work for me.”
  • “When can you deliver.”
  • “My wife will like that.”
  • “Just what I have been looking for.”

2011 will  be a great sales and profit year for you if you are willing to:


Bob Janet - Sales consultant/trainer, speaker, author of “Join The Profit Club” combines 40 plus years as owner/operator of professional, retail, manufacturing and service businesses with his unique teaching and storytelling ability to motivate, educate and inspire business professionals of all levels and all industries for increased sales & profits. Contact Bob at 704-882-6100, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..