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Adwar Casting releases new catalog

Adwar Casting Company is excited to announce the release of a new 140-page catalog, which showcases Adwar’s newest mounting styles in classic and modern designs. All of Adwar’s styles are available in 14 karat and 18 karat gold, in white, yellow, pink and green. Adwar also casts in platinum, palladium and 18 karat palladium.

Since 1972, Adwar Casting Company, Ltd. has been proudly manufacturing in the U.S.A. Adwar has a huge, comprehensive selection of castings, containing over 172,000 styles. 

MJSA Retail Link introduces new “It’s Time!” section

MJSA(ATTLEBORO, Mass.) - MJSA, the trade association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design, will launch a special It’s Time! watch section in the Fall 2015 edition of the MJSA Retail Link publication.

The section will feature the latest watch and related accessories from MJSA member companies, as well as articles that focus how retailers can best promote watches to draw traffic to their stores and drive sales. The section will also include tips for in-store watch repairs, contributed by Jordan Ficklin, the executive director of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.

Bulova redefines technology with UHF

Bulova Sept(NEW YORK) – Having debuted in Bulova Accutron II and the Precisionist collection, Bulova’s proprietary high performance UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movement is now being extended into its Sea King and Military collections.

The heart of the movement is a three-prong quartz crystal producing a vibrational frequency of 262 kHz, eight times greater than a standard quartz movement. UHF provides exceptional accuracy and features a signature continuously sweeping second hand. All designs featuring UHF now have “262 kHz” indicated on the dial, as well as the UHF logo on the case back.

Retail consulting services for events now available from SimplexDiam

With more than 30 years experience providing jewelers with unique and exceptionally priced inventory along with premium service, SimplexDiam is proud to announce its new consulting services to help jewelers maximize their assets.

SimplexDiam can now help convert your assets into the maximum amount of return, be it through a promotional sale, consolidation, store closing, going out of business or retirement sale.

Hoover & Strong introduces Guaranteed Recycled Diamonds in their Harmony Diamond Auctions

Hoover & Strong has announced they are now offering guaranteed recycled diamonds in their online Harmony Diamond Auctions.

Virginia based eco-friendly refiner Hoover and Strong is an avid supporter of the “green” movement and feels it is their social, environmental and moral obligation to produce beautiful products in a way that does not destroy the earth’s resources or its people. In an industry where all products come from the Earth, they believe that conserving energy and recycling metals and stones are crucial and necessary steps that must be taken.

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ASA releases new edition of popular Jewelry Appraisal Handbook

ASA(RESTON, Va.) - The Gems and Jewelry discipline of the American Society of Appraisers has announced that the eighth edition of the Jewelry Appraisal Handbook is now available for the first time for online purchase in both PDF and hard-copy versions.

An indispensable reference work for the practicing gems and jewelry appraiser, the Handbook brings together essential information drawn from the most authoritative sources. It will also help gemologists and jewelry store personnel identify, categorize and describe gems and jewelry.