Last updateTue, 20 Mar 2018 10pm

IGI India to issue reports for uncut, unpolished diamonds

Used in on-trend Indian bridal jewelry

IGI(JAIPUR, India) - IGI India announced its decision to issue reports for uncut, unpolished diamonds, which are typically seen in traditional Indian bridal jewelry styles such as Jadau. IGI reports this is a first among the grading laboratories and IGI India’s latest offering fills an important gap in jewelry certification services.

By evaluating this particular type of diamond, IGI India can attest to the stone’s authenticity and provide confidence to manufacturers. Indian brides can also feel assured about the legitimacy of the stones they will wear on their wedding day, as recent Bollywood productions have made the vintage style popular once again.

“Jadau jewelry is the epitome of high-skilled craftsmanship, the dream of the quintessential Indian bride,” said Tehmasp Printer, managing director of IGI India. “It is our pleasure to be the first in the industry to extend the service, making sure that the jewelry accentuating the bridal trousseau is authenticated in accordance with the highest standards in the gems and jewelry industry.”

Issuing reports for these uncut, unpolished diamonds will also add credibility to this sector of the jewelry industry - the main goal being to avoid mala fide (bad faith) practices, which can be common among these types of gemstones. While clarity and color are considered minor attributes in uncut diamonds, it is still necessary to identify the origin of the stone. With these new standards in place, IGI India hopes these jewelry pieces will contribute to the resurgence of traditional Indian fine jewelry.

“We are honored to present this new offering, which instills not only confidence for purchasers, but pays homage to the rich cultural history India has in the jewelry industry. As a trusted independent gemological institute, we look forward to continuing to serve as a valuable resource for consumers,” said Roland Lorie, IGI CEO.

For more information on IGI and its offerings, please visit www.igi.org.