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Retailer Roundtable: What was your most successful Mother’s Day promotion?

Q: What was your most successful Mother’s Day promotion? 

“Last year we had a gift-with-purchase event for Mother’s Day. With diamond as April’s birthstone, and then Mother’s Day in May, along with spring weddings, we always try to make diamond jewelry part of our Mother’s Day events which typically run from late April through mid-May.  We offered a tiered gift-with-purchase program. Starting at $250 on up, customers could receive a coupon for a one hour massage at a local spa. Purchases of $1,000 and up would include added spa perks such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and half-days at the spa. Customers could also redeem the spa coupon for additional money off the jewelry, which some people chose to do, but most chose to give the busy mothers in their lives a little pampering and mom time.  In addition, we have a local chocolatier with staff trained in Belgium that produces incredible chocolates. We sell these delicious chocolates year round, but offer a special selection and pricing for Mother’s Day.  These efforts have helped us form good cross-promotional partners. In years past, we’ve also done gemstone giveaways. We selected 100 gemstones and placed them in decorative bags along with a gift card for our store. Many customers either used the gift card for other jewelry or set the gemstone in jewelry as a remount or a custom piece, which was very successful for us. We’ve also done pay the sales tax events around Mother’s Day. Each year, we like to mix it up and do a fun and different promotion, but all of our Mother’s Day events have a pay-it-forward quality to them to show our appreciation for the amazing moms in our lives.”

Georgia jeweler Jan Fergerson reaches out to industry peers to rally for “Angels for AuBree”

Veteran retailer seeks donations for specially equipped van to transport employee’s disabled child

When Jan Fergerson, secretary and treasurer of Rome, Georgia-based Ford, Gittings & Kane sees a need, she doesn’t wait for others to take action, she jumps in with both feet and handles it. She credits her father, a retired minister, as well as Joe Gittings, founder of Ford, Gittings and Kane, as her mentors in servanthood, and surrounds herself with people who show by their deeds that, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Son of elite Dallas jeweler wins 2017 ROLEX 24 Hours of Daytona Prototype Challenge

Carrying the ROLEX line for more than 25 years in his family’s fine jewelry salon, Texas-based de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry, Nick Boulle just did what no other retailer has done. Nick became the first Rolex retailer to win the 2017 ROLEX 24 Hours of Daytona Prototype Challenge.

Engagement soars as reimagined Atlanta Jewelry Show connects attendees with technology

(ATLANTA) - A redesigned Atlanta Jewelry Show welcomed buyers with new experiences ranging from a fresh registration lobby and show floor to an enhanced education program to interactive touch-to-collect technology that increased conversation and engagement during the show, held March 4 to 6 at the Cobb Galleria Centre.

Diamond shipping scam impacts 20-plus diamond wholesalers

Since November, an estimated 20 or more diamond vendors from across the country have been contacted by phone - in many cases with repeated calls - by what a number of industry members and authorities suspect is an organized group of individuals submitting fake memo orders for sizable diamonds to be shipped to a predetermined pick up address. At press time, impacted trade members have reported estimated diamond losses of more than $1 million. Local police departments, the FBI, industry trade associations and even shipping companies have been alerted to this latest diamond scam.   

What a difference a year made

That’s all it took for Colorado jewelers to meet, fall in love, launch a store, buy a house & tie the knot

David and Kim Purdy went to college thousands of miles apart to become accountants, but it was a jewelry apprenticeship, on-the-job training and annual educational endeavors that brought them together and made them successful in their more creative career of choice.