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Engagement soars as reimagined Atlanta Jewelry Show connects attendees with technology

(ATLANTA) - A redesigned Atlanta Jewelry Show welcomed buyers with new experiences ranging from a fresh registration lobby and show floor to an enhanced education program to interactive touch-to-collect technology that increased conversation and engagement during the show, held March 4 to 6 at the Cobb Galleria Centre.

Diamond shipping scam impacts 20-plus diamond wholesalers

Since November, an estimated 20 or more diamond vendors from across the country have been contacted by phone - in many cases with repeated calls - by what a number of industry members and authorities suspect is an organized group of individuals submitting fake memo orders for sizable diamonds to be shipped to a predetermined pick up address. At press time, impacted trade members have reported estimated diamond losses of more than $1 million. Local police departments, the FBI, industry trade associations and even shipping companies have been alerted to this latest diamond scam.   

What a difference a year made

That’s all it took for Colorado jewelers to meet, fall in love, launch a store, buy a house & tie the knot

David and Kim Purdy went to college thousands of miles apart to become accountants, but it was a jewelry apprenticeship, on-the-job training and annual educational endeavors that brought them together and made them successful in their more creative career of choice.

Retailer Roundtable: Is the bead trend over?

Q: Is the bead trend over?

“The bead trend is definitely down. It’s not a sharp decline, but we’ve seen our bead business at about one-third of where we were at in the peak of bead sales with PANDORA about 10 years ago. At this stage we’re selling enough bead jewelry to hold on to it as a product category. In our market we don’t have a lot of direct competition for bead jewelry, so we’re in a good position there. We also benefit from summer tourist sales with bead jewelry and other types of jewelry. Tourists tend to buy bracelets and add beads, while regular customers are more about just adding beads. We’re not sure how much longer the bead trend will continue - it could be another two to three years, who knows. For now we’ve decided to be careful about investing in bead advertising and inventory. Our bead business is pretty much running itself just fine right now, but there is still a lot of work that goes into maintaining it. We do offer other price-point jewelry similar to that of bead jewelry, but even Alex and Ani jewelry sales have leveled off for us. Like other jewelers we’re getting back to basics with selling fine jewelry with an emphasis on diamonds and bridal. This has been a big focus for us for the last two to three years now. We want to be known as a diamond and bridal store that also offers other jewelry essentials.”

With help from a ‘surrogate father,’ Chicago jeweler keeps business in the family

Thirty-seven years ago, Albert Lee left his home in Hong Kong to embrace a major life change in the United States. It was the one and only move he’d need to make, as he connected with the man who would become a “surrogate father” and establish his protégé’s presence in the Chicago jewelry scene.

Big idea for little diamonds

HH Gold turns retailers’ melee into by-the-inch creations 

HH Gold Inc., known since 1985 as the place to go for special orders, unique jewelry and coin jewelry, recognized an opportunity several years ago to capitalize on the extra melee gathering dust in retailers’ stores following the recession of 2008.