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Masters of Marketing - A century of sparkling insight

Part II – Siegel Jewelers, Grand Rapids, MI

Siegel 1957The transformation of Detroit, Michigan, from a frontier outpost to a busy downtown city was just about complete by the 1860s. As 1870 dawned, the city of Detroit was almost 13 square miles in size, ranked 18th in size in the United States, with a population of nearly 80,000 people.

Retailer Roundtable: What do you do to generate traffic and sales in the quiet summer months?

Q: What do you do to generate traffic and sales in the quiet summer months?

“Social media is year-round for us but we step things up a bit during the summer months, mainly on Instagram and Facebook. Summer doesn’t have a lot of gift-giving occasions so we place a strong emphasis on graduation gifts on social media websites. We have some highlighted items or list gift ideas for people. A lot of the social media postings and images have a strong product focus. In late spring, for example, we posted ‘white is a summer fashion color’ with about 14 product shots featuring white gemstones, from white diamonds set in yellow gold to various types of pearl jewelry. We’re also doing birthstone of the month posts, which is helping with some summer sales. But summer is that season when the repair department is the group that’s keeping the lights on. 

Ellis Jewelers Tim Hiatt credits retail success to his genes

Ellis trio fThey say you can escape your past but not your genes. Tim Hiatt, owner of Ellis Jewelers in Lexington, North Carolina just might agree. Although he has no father, uncle or brother to point to when it comes to his jewelry legacy, he can point to his grandfather as inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur. Although Varner Berrier, aka Papaw, owned a small grocery store, Tim often wonders if he’s standing in the middle of his own store today because he grew up at the heels of his business-smart Papaw. Calling it his ‘retail gene,’ Tim believes it was an intangible trait passed down that helped him get to where he is today.

Masters of Marketing - A century of sparkling insight (Part 1)

Schnack’s Fine Jewelry, Alexandria, LA   

There is rarely a day that goes by when I am not reminded of the famous quote by Milan Kundera, “Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.” For someone like me, whose life revolves around marketing, promotions and all things “spin,” it’s hard to look at any product or service and not be compelled to analyze the effectiveness of the actual presentation that surrounds it, and examine the individual pieces (slogan, logo, packaging, advertising, etc) that make up the entire package, and hopefully set it apart from its competitors.

Fresh from ‘boot camp,’ small-town Kansas jeweler polishing new tricks of the trade

When business is going along as usual, sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to someone else’s good idea. That’s what James and Sonya Cantrell of Coffeyville, Kan., did, attending a 2½ -day “Destination Business BootCamp” designed for independent business owners like themselves who want to make their store a “consumer destination.”

Retailer Roundtable: What jewelry trends are you seeing leading up to Vegas?

Q:What jewelry trends are you seeing leading up to Vegas? 

“This year we are going onto Vegas with a fresh set of eyes, looking for the perfect pieces for everyone, young and young-at-heart. One thing that has been on our radar is mixed metals. More and more people want to incorporate in their original, sentimental pieces and create a new, fresh look with a different color gold. We will definitely be looking for those one of a kind items that puts a fun, fresh twist on classic pieces. Stack, stack, stack. This is a huge trend that we don’t see slowing down anytime soon. It can be rings, bracelets, necklaces, it doesn’t matter. People are loving the stackables. The runway is full of choker necklaces layered with other multi strands.

GIA’s M2M app helps retailers tell a diamond’s story

As the creator of the 4Cs, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) taught an entire generation of consumers how to understand the inherent characteristics of a diamond, dramatically changing the way that consumers shop for diamonds. GIA is once again about to reinvent the way consumers shop for diamonds with the launch of its new Mine-to-Market (M2M) pilot program.


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