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The way it used to be

Across The Counter
By Martha Williams, El Paso, Texas
Reprinted from August 1989

Times have evolved adequately to erase some of our most cherished ideals. Back in the gold ‘ole days grandpa had a dairy herd and each cow had a name. Bossy, Betsy, Blossom and Hazel; each cow was given an individual identity. Now-a-days cows on dairy farms are given numbers. Cow number 36, 28, 45. Slowly and behind the scenes jewelers are also becoming numbers. Long gone are the days when one could pick up the phone and chat with a person who not only knew who you were, but knew exactly what you were talking about. When the factory or business responds now, the first thing they say is, “account number?” Awhile back RB picked up the phone to call Heuer Watch for an order. We usually order from the salesman or by mail so this was a relatively new experience for RB who right away tried to be as polite as possible. “Oh hi! I caught you huh? For a minute I thought you may have gone to lunch. “

How to cross-promote your sale or event on your social networks

CrystalA successful campaign can make or break your Q4. But a successful campaign takes a bit of time and some good planning to pull off. It also requires you to use a bunch of different social media channels in order to reach the most people. That can be tough if you don’t know exactly how to use each of the social networks to their full potential.

Promoting your store with Facebook Live

So, you want to promote your business with Facebook Live. Good! You’re making smart moves for your business by embracing social media, especially live video. Facebook Live is one of Facebook’s newer features and one of its most effective for organic (free) reach. Here is how you can make the most of your Facebook Live broadcasts, from troubleshooting and scheduling to how to keep the marketing momentum going after the broadcast ends.

Getting in The Social Selling Mindset

Time is money. Many business owners feel like they are wasting both when they invest in social media with no results.

Crystal time

I’ve worked with thousands of retailers to identify the business tactics that lead to positive results on social media. The result? A little tactic called “The Social Selling Mindset.”

The idea of The Social Selling Mindset is putting relationship building first, so that profits can follow. Here are a few ways to put yourself in the Social Selling Mindset.

3 ways jewelers can use Instagram for marketing

Photos bring products to life. While descriptions can tell customers how to use a product, how big a product is, or the materials it’s made of, a photo is what makes them say, “Yes. It’s beautiful. I need it.”

While photos are great for most social media sites, they are vital for Instagram. And statistics are showing that Instagram is vital for retail businesses - including jewelers. According to Hootsuite, Instagram adoption is at 85% among top brands. And it’s no wonder that brands are flocking to it, considering that Instagram’s per-follower engagement rates is 58x higher than engagement rates on Facebook, and 120x higher than engagement rates on Twitter.