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Mia Katrin

High end design in High Point, NC

“I treasure nature’s colors” reveals Gary Simon. “Lapis, opal, pearl, onyx... the rich juxtaposition of colors and shaping in gemstones.”

Simon’s affinity for color, tone, and texture is reflected in Simon Jewelers, High Point, NC (simonjewelers.com). This unique showcase for designer jewelry “all under one roof” features a curved floor plan mirrored in spiraling cases, counters and lights, all in warm inviting tones. Oversized lighted transparencies highlighting designer originals entice clients outside and in, while flat-panel TVs running alluring videos add visual impact. The boutique environment serves as a magnet drawing clients from Virginia to Charlotte.

Reach out and touch someone

It’s all about connections, in business as in life. Your rapport with your clients and business partners greases the wheels of progress. Personal links, the emotional glue binding you with others, form the underlying ties and currents propelling you forward together. The better, more fluid and seamless the connections, the greater the basis for success.

A golden opportunity in the Sunshine State

It’s seeing the glass half full. Last October, while many stores were cutting back or on hold after a year plagued by economic downturn, Shaheer Hosh took the plunge and opened an elegant new jewelry boutique featuring high-end designer jewelry in upscale Boca Raton, FL. “The economy has opened up great opportunities in location and real estate that would not normally be available,” Shaheer explains. Viewing the glass half full, he took advantage of emerging new possibilities and acted. Business has been strong and the future is looking bright. “We’re doing great!”

After a long Winter, Spring!

What a year. It’s a stretch to remember day-to-day business before the economic meltdown of fall 2008. A new shifting landscape is emerging - economic, social, business. Change is in the air.

Change breeds opportunity. The successful will be the most alert, quick to adapt and take advantage of new prospects. Business as usual is not an option.

What is it about Valentine’s Day?

It’s the dead of winter with no end in sight to cold, short days and dark, longer nights. Suddenly a breath of whimsy, caprice and romance stirs the air with a ray of hope, a glimpse of spring just around the corner - Valentine’s Day!

What a perfect occasion for an unexpected gift. The traditional flowers, cards and chocolates have their charm. But why not think outside the box? Consider a glittering necklace or bracelet with a heart motif. Pink pearls capture the first blush of budding romance. Rich red rubies reflect the romance of deep passion. Or diamonds - what could be more romantic than the promise of forever love?

The Madoff Plunder - Record auction sales benefit victims

A platinum Edwardian emerald and diamond link bracelet.  Pre-Victorian era diamond earrings.  Over 40 watches including 17 Rolexes, one a famed WWII “prisoner watch” valued at $87,000. They were all part of the spoils from the estate of Bernie Madoff, the notorious swindler who bilked investors out of billions in the most devastating Ponzi scheme in history. Madoff is now serving a sentence of 150 years in a NC prison. His wife Ruth, who has not been charged, worked out a deal with prosecutors forfeiting a claim to $80 million in assets. She will be left with $2.5 million.

To Bee or not to Bee?

Former Secretary of State Albright’s “Pin Diplomacy”

When Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State, donned a wasp pin before an important meeting with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, he was visibly disturbed. Brooches had become her diplomatic calling card, a way of non-verbally signifying her mood or intentions. Bees or wasps could signal “something like a sting. I wore wasps on days I wanted to do a little stinging and deliver a tough message,” she explains.