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Diana Jarrett

The Story Behind the Stone: Pillow Talk - The art of the cushion cut

Cushion cut diamond earrings grace the red carpets often and are popular with the Hollywood crowd. Diamonds are always the right choice for stylish events, but celebrities and all diamond lovers want unique ways to wear their favorite stone. Cushion cut diamonds provide a distinctive way in which to enjoy these icy treats.

The Story Behind the Stone: Something old, something new, something fabulous... something blue

Bridal wear is pretty predictable stuff. Pure white diamonds, demure pearls, that’s about it. But Yael Designs saw a way to infuse just the right touch of color, bringing renewed excitement into bridal accessories. It also provides a bride with ‘something blue’ to boot.

The Story Behind the Stone: Pretty Prehnite

Jewelry collectors are an adventurous lot today - boldly going where no gemstone fan ventured before. Sure you can pick up amethyst or citrine. They are glittery specimens for the jewel box. But for those of you yearning for highly individualized stones, consider the elusive and delicately toned prehnite.

The Story Behind the Stone: Keeping it personal

Consumers are more savvy than ever. They value shop today, and the jewelry items they self-purchase or give as gifts must be meaningful. When jewelry was first made centuries ago, all adornment was highly individual with the owner in mind. Because that one item was made with just one person in mind.

The Story Behind the Stone:Out of the Blue Zircon

You don’t need to know the complex details of zircon, like the fact that this mineral belongs to a group called nesosilicates. You also don’t have to track its rich and ancient history. But Arabic, Persian and other far eastern cultures claim their language as the root for the modern word, zircon. It’s that old.