Last updateTue, 15 Aug 2017 9pm

David Brown

Staffing – How to not put a square peg into a round hole

Staff, along with inventory, represents one of the largest headaches of running any retail business. It seems to be that you’re forever trying to get staff to perform, stop arguing, start working, or even just to turn up! Show me a store owner without any staff issues and I’ll show you a store owner without staff!

What’s discount really costing you?

All business owners need to maximize their time by concentrating on those things that give the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) for the time involved. This would seem logical, however frequently we will see a store owner focusing on minor issues, such as staff taking too long for lunch while ignoring the hundreds of dollars of discounts that are being given away each day.

Avoiding that Innovation Overload

Last month we concluded a very successful two day workshop for our clients. Most left buzzing about the information they were able to start implementing; however amongst it all was a common theme – “When am I going to find time to do all this?”

The importance of a solid budget

Don’t let your eyes glaze over – I know this topic isn’t high on the list of priorities of many jewelers, but just because it’s not enjoyable doesn’t mean it’s not necessary. I don’t like taking the rubbish out, but I’d hate to think what my house would be like if I didn’t!