Last updateTue, 15 Aug 2017 9pm

Brad Huisken

The New Year Let Down

Here we are, the holidays are behind us and the busiest time for a salesperson is gone as well. While many salespeople are happy that the crazy time is over, it can also be a little bit of a letdown. For a two month period, customers were everywhere and closing sales was a lot easier. So now what?

Survival: Looking to the future

The holiday season is over and you are either rejoicing loudly or crying in your coffee at the results your establishment achieved! The retail industry in general took some major end-of-year hits: Macy’s has already said that it’s planning to close 100 stores, or about 15% of its fleet, in 2017. Sears is shuttering at least 30 Sears and Kmart stores by April, and additional closures are expected to be announced soon. CVS also said this month that it’s planning to shut down 70 locations.

Tips for selling the last minute holiday shopper

The holiday shopping season is winding down and most of the shopping is done. The “professional shoppers” are long gone and they have everything wrapped by now. As a salesperson, you are starting to gear down and get ready for some much needed relaxation. However, you are not done. In fact, some of your toughest customers may be still to come.

Sparkle! Sparkle! Sparkle! Who’s got the sparkle?

The holiday season is in progress and with it, all manner of anticipation and good will abound! In the jewelry business, we’re all about the shiny baubles to dazzle every taste and trend. We have every type of gem known to mankind. We have a variety of metals to anchor those gems to our bodies to capture the imagination and admiration of everyone, from the most finicky customer to salespeople to profit-conscious managers and owners to suppliers who constantly endeavor to enhance their offerings to entice everyone!

Maximizing holiday sales with add-ons

Adding-on is a great customer service and the salesperson that masters the art of doing it is also a salesperson that enjoys a great deal of success. Adding-on is something we should be doing in February, May and August, but as valuable as it is in those months, it’s even more valuable from October to December.

Autumn’s Bounty

The glorious autumn colors continue to wind down and the crops so carefully tended and nurtured are being harvested. Fields are being cleared and managed in anticipation of the bountiful opportunities that await future cultivation.

Making the most of holiday sales opportunities

HuiskenHere we are at the end of October again. It feels like we were just enjoying spring, and then summer came and went. As every salesperson knows, the holiday shopping season is well underway for some, but for most it really picks up as we approach Halloween. With that in mind, it’s a good time to review some of things that will make your selling season a successful one.