Last updateTue, 13 Feb 2018 11pm

Brad Huisken

Keeping Customers, Part 1

With rock stars, the continued expansion of their fan base determines their success and growth within the industry. Without continued growth and presence to their fans, stars dim and slip into obscurity to suffer the fate of "has beens." For salespersons, the constant growth of their customer base, both with repeat customers and with adding new ones, determines their success and growth within the sales industry.

Goal Setting Part II

Our previous discussion led us to formulate Minimum Goals, Actual Goals, and Stretch Goals. Consider that those are Annual Goals. It is a temptation to take those Annual Goals and divide them by 13 (counting the holiday season as two months) to set monthly goals. That is a simplistic handling of them. However, that method does not consider the actual ebbs and flows of the industry. Valentine’s Day and the holidays of Christmas or Hanukkah represent the potential for increased sales volume. Additionally, occasions such as engagements, weddings, birthdays create opportunities for greater monthly sales volume. Other months tend to create greater challenges to keep sales on an even keel or to surge ahead of projections.

Setting Goals

Welcome to 2016! It is a pristine year, with all sorts of possibilities available to you! As this applies to your business, it may be valuable to haul out your crystal ball and peer into how you would like this year to be burnished into your memory and into the financial/marketing/product/growth ledgers.

Hopefully, each of the above-listed categories is already in decent health and attaining or exceeding any goals you set will be accomplished with ease and finesse! It is a given that achievement will occur. The question is not will you achieve things; unless you cease breathing, of course you will achieve things. However, at the end of 2016, will there be any alignment of what you want to achieve with what you do achieve? This requires careful and honest examination of conditions as they currently are and precisely defining all desired outcomes.

Ending the year on a positive note

Within a matter of weeks, the holiday season and, hopefully, the busiest season of the year will draw to a close. Of course, everyone wants 2015 to be the biggest success in the history of the company!

The inventory is coming in faster than the scenes with Lucille Ball in the candy factory! The holiday new hires are being trained to be productive members of the company! The staffing patterns are at the ready, prepared to flow with the increases in foot traffic throughout the store! Attractive displays of merchandise are arriving or are being created internally! The tempo of the staff and the details of the season are quickly gliding into place! Ahh! Perfection is at hand! Gotta LOVE it!

Or not...

Quality development of great salespeople equals business growth

After careful consideration and knowledgeable selection, the new-hire is ready to begin the process of becoming a fabulous addition to your company! You’re happy with your choice, the salesperson is hungry and highly motivated to produce the best results, in fact, record-breaking results for sales statistics ever noted within your history! The excitement is palpable! The potential is oozing from both the company (you) and the newly-minted representative for your products!  Hoorah!  Everyone’s delighted! 

Quality people equal quality sales in a growth industry

Creating quality sales in the growth industry of jewelry products is largely dependent upon the people doing the selling. Now that should be a bit obvious, but the real question is how do you hire quality people to begin with. Finding the exquisite match of employee (salesperson), employer and product often seems more like luck or magic rather than the genius of careful selection. 

Your reputation matters!

Striving for impeccability is a hidden goal that produces massive results! How you run your business and how you interact with customers is very much like tossing a pebble in a quiet lake - the ripples reach farther than the eye can detect.

Most obviously, Word of Mouth is effective advertising. If a customer visits your business and is greeted with an attractive display that is fresh and cared-for, that sends a message that your store-front is concerned with presenting the best products in a favorable manner. When the customer is greeted timely and enthusiastically, the message is that this business wants to be involved with its customers.