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Tony Seideman

New software gives Kevin Seele “The Edge”

One of the most important choices independent jewelers make today is which automated software to use to run their business.

Kevin Seele certainly knows how to keep a jewelry store going. Kevin’s Fine Jewelry has been a Totowa, NJ landmark for 27 years. It currently has nine employees, and it’s done well enough for him to open up another branch 20 miles away.

Cutting Edge: Turning information into success: Stephen Barnes’ Double Edge

Estimates are that as many as 3,500 jewelry outlets will close their doors this year. All too many jewelers are in survival mode. Yet Barnes Jewelers of Goldsboro, NC, isn't. In fact, Barnes is expanding from one outlet to two.

Manager Stephen Barnes says the reason for his success is simple: he's got a double edge. "The Edges are absolutely 100% responsible for this," he says, referring to Abbot & Shapiro's The Edge System with its retail automation technology and The Edge Retail Academy and its beyond-cutting-edge coaching.


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